The New VR Gallery of SoKoRoN: Where Animals Meet Somnium

The New VR Gallery of SoKoRoN: Where Animals Meet Somnium

As we all know, Somnium Space is inhabited by a range of virtual animals, such as bears, birds, fish, deer, goats and rabbits. But there is one Somnium Space member who has a special affinity with animals in the real world. His name is Yonatan (aka SoKoRoN). He is a photographer since the young age of 13 and has been doing this for 20 years now.

I Love animals! I like to communicate with them. That’s how I make these kind of portraits. I actually talk to the animals and just give it time…

Yonatan (aka SoKoRoN)

Yonatan is a member of Somnium Space for one year now and ready to open his brand new gallery, named ANIMALS, full with gorgeous NFT versions of his photographs.

The gallery – ANIMALS – will officially open on April 24, at 20:00 CET. The location is parcel 4756 and you can join via Somnium WEB by clicking here. You can visit via the 2D client as well. For the best immersive experience, visit the gallery in VR.

The Gallery – ANIMALS

The gallery is not a traditional structure that resembles anything you’d encounter in real life. It is very playful with tilted floors, plants hanging upside down, floors that are suspended by poles. It invites you to go exploring and meet the artworks on the various levels. Artworks that are as playful and surprising as the structure in which they are on display.

The top floor is reserved for a guest artist Anton (aka N-Tone), a visual artist from Berlin. His works can be found on this page on OpenSea:

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April 14, 2021

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