The Somnium Space Metaverse Is Expanding: Land Auction Dates, Creators FUND Initiative, BuilderSDK (LIVE), WORLDs SDK
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The Somnium Space Metaverse Is Expanding: Land Auction Dates, Creators FUND Initiative, BuilderSDK (LIVE), WORLDs SDK

The Ethereum blockchain open world of Somnium Space is pioneering the metaverse and crypto goods market in ways we never imagined. The persistent, player-created virtual world- already well on its way to being fully immersive, having a full-fledged economy and being bewitchingly realistic- still has a few magic tricks up its sleeve.

With dates scheduled for a wave of land and digital asset auctions in OpenSea’s decentralized marketplace, the announcement of their groundbreaking Creators FUND, and the introduction of new, transformative Unity-based SDKs, the parallel universe reminiscent of Ready Player One just got a lot more powerful…

Tertiary Land Offering

Somnium Space has already made waves as one of the highest selling NFT projects, selling over 1.5 million USD in their last land offering. Now, they’ve announced that their highly-anticipated tertiary land offering (TLO) will launch auctions, both classic and dutch, July 5th until July 31st. This time around, they’ll offer 50 land parcels per week (200 in total), 1 estate (grouped parcels) per week, Somnium WORLDs NFTs, and other rare digital items. Ethereum and Somnium CUBE will be accepted, and items in CUBEs, Somnium Space’s native “in-world” currency, will be listed at special discounted prices.

Somnium Creators Fund

Somnium Space is now offering crypto payments to their most creative users, expanding their economy and supporting community innovation. Somnium CUBEs will go toward the new Somnium Creators FUND, with a budget of $10,000 in CUBEs being dispersed monthly among qualifying Somnium Space citizens.

Artists, musicians, builders, modelers, video game developers, designers, streamers, writers, entertainers, and other creators will have the chance to be paid up to $1,000 in Cubes a month for any events and/or creations over a period of 3 months (with options to extend the length of the project) by applying here.  

After filling out the form, creators should post the following message in the Somnium Space Discord$ Creators Fund $” channel:

“Hello, I have just filled in Somnium Creators Fund application for my project |name of your project|.”

Once entries have been evaluated, qualifying creators will move on to the next stage of consideration and perform a 10 minute presentation for a panel of judges in Somnium Space’s Web, 2D or VR client.

Hotz House virtual club in Somnium Space.

New Somnium Worlds SDK

Somnium Space’s new software development kits, or SDKs, offer an easy way for designers, programmers and artists to invent to their hearts’ content – without the need to write code. 

The revolutionary Somnium WORLDs SDK, which will have its alpha release June 2021, will enable users to create custom interactive VR environments, games, experiences, and more within their Somnium WORLDs NFTs. It will also feature a ready-made multi-player back end, furthering the influence of ownership within Somnium Space and giving players the groundbreaking ability to travel across a web of unique and interconnected dimensions. Somnium WORLDs SDK integrates Unity Bolt visual scripting solution so that users can easily set up a performance-ready system in no time.

“You won’t be travelling the world- you’ll be travelling the “worlds”. It’ll be huge, and we are very excited to see what other people will build in their Somnium WORLDs. Somnium WORLDs will be a new dimension for user creativity and our platform expansion.” – Artur Sychov, Somnium Space Founder and CEO

That’s not all- the Somnium Builder SDK, now live, allows users to create and upload custom models onto their land parcels with Unity (version 2019.2.4). Users are already experimenting with this successfully, resulting in some seriously inspiring and imaginative creations!

Singer and artist Djembe Dragonfire’s custom bar at parcel #4606.
A giant chicken spotted at Ultralord’s VR obstacle course.

There are many Somnium SDK/Unity tutorials to help get started.

Now, anyone has the freedom to develop and innovate within Somnium Space. Join the growing Somnium Space metaverse community today and become a part of the fast-approaching future.

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June 13, 2021

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