Wildeverse Launch Party: Where the Physical Meets the Virtual

Wildeverse Launch Party: Where the Physical Meets the Virtual

When we talk about Somnium Space, the Metaverse, we don’t mean some isolated, hidden digital realm. Rather, the Metaverse is a massive, persistent space, a convergence of the real and the virtual in one new multi-layered reality where we can freely jump between destinations.

This convergence and interaction between the physical and the virtual is explored during the Wilde Möhre Festival.

The Wilde Möhre is an annual festival that takes place in Göritz, Germany. While it’s primarily a music festival, the emphasis lies on the experience. There are no huge stages, everything is handmade, and the idea is to lose track of time as you explore the creative spaces that the festival is made of.

Source; Carolin_Berlin on Medium

A unique element of this year’s festival is Wildeverse, which focuses on NFTs and how such NFTs can enhance the festival’s physical experiences. To facilitate this, Wilde Möhre partnered with Mintbase, which launched on the climate-neutral NEAR blockchain. Together they will showcase how purposeful NFT’s can play a role in festivals, be tools for seamless collaboration, creation and hence provide real utility.

Festival building in Somnium Space

Wildeverse exists both as a physical site on the festival and as a virtual structure in both Cryptovoxels and Somnium Space. To visit both locations, just click the links. Festival guests in the Wildeverse building will be able to communicate with the virtual Wildeverse visitors, and vice versa.

Wildeverse launch party in Somnium Space

On June 15th, 20:00 CET, a special launch party will take place in Somnium Space, hosted by founder and CEO Artur Sychov.

The event will be twofold. The first half will take place in SomniumWEB and is accessible for anyone using a simple URL. The second half will unfold in VR (for those owning a VR headset).

In SomniumWEB, the following NFT artists will be highlighted: Cryptobæbes, Zeitwarp, Riva Taylor, Justin Case. Carolin Wend – co-founder at Mintbase – and Natural Warp – visionary crypto artist and well known for some of the most spectacular VR galleries to date in Somnium Space – will take the spotlight in VR.

Location of the Parcel

Parcel 3510 can be found in the North East of Somnium Space. It is a so-called XL, Waterfront parcel and was found on and made available by Somnium Assets, a website to explore Somnium Space related assets.

Parcel 3510

June 13, 2021

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