Remix Challenge: “This is my world right now, I’m digging it”

Remix Challenge: “This is my world right now, I’m digging it”

People are having a great time in Somnium Space. And where people meet and party, spontaneous events and challenges are bound to pop up.

Remix Challenge

The latest is a remix challenge of an in-world recording. The winner will receive donated NFT’s as well as 50 Cubes from Artur Sychov, founder and CEO of Somnium Space.

See the below tweets from @Artificcz and Artur Sychov.

Epic! More sponsors of #ThisIsMyWorld #remix #challenge are coming.
➡️Post your #nft that you offer to give to the winner of the challenge (remix the clip) into the comments and choose your own winner on Wednesday
💡Distributed next-level crowdfunding
🚨Use hashtag #ThisIsMyWorld

Originally tweeted by Art & Coffee Gallery (@ArtificCZ) on June 26, 2021.

The rules

Remix the above clip (especially the “this is my world right now, I’m digging it” part). Submit your entry latest on Wednesday July 30th as a reply to this tweet. Use the hashtag #ThisIsMyWorld

Note that you can sponsor the challenge with an NFT by commenting on this tweet. Use the hashtag #ThisIsMyWorld. As a sponsor you can choose who – according to you – should be the winner.

Now get your creative juices flowing and start remixing!

June 28, 2021

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