Eloh’s Gods of Hyperspace

Vision. Execution. Realization.

These are the qualities of visionary rare digital art creator Eloh’s work.

Walking up to his Somnium Space parcel, number 4791, you sense something deeper. You cross the threshold beckoned by a deity-size machine elf. You go further and meet three giant alien-creatures, standing side-by-side. You step in front of them and are elevated to the next floor, meeting their eyeless gaze along the way and questioning your own comparatively small stature within this expansive metaverse and beyond.

The next level: a vibrant mural of hyperspace gods akin to the deepest of dreams or a DMT trip. You feel watched- no – seen. Over your shoulder, three life-like avatars are perched on display. You realize that you’re in a spaceship – one with the potential to take you places and show you things you didn’t know existed.

August 13th, at 2:00 pm PDT, Eloh, also known as Sean Allum, is launching a new, otherworldly NFT project called “Gods of Hyperspace”. He promises these long-awaited art-pieces and wearable tokens will carry next-level VR immersion utility, and judging by his track record as one of the most highly respected and sought after crypto artists, we won’t be disappointed.

Eloh studied media arts and traditional animation in Southern California and designed games, apps, and ads before becoming an independent artist. A psychonaut of sorts, he delves into the supernatural and esoteric, pushing the limits of the psychedelic art world to bring us face-to-face with depths of consciousness none but the heroic, some may say reckless, have experienced.

His work, which includes fine digital art, wearables such as avatars, and mysterious surprises soon to be released, carries mystic messaging and deeper meanings that keep fellow explorers deciphering for years after encountering them. Having had his share of mystical experiences, Eloh devotes countless hours of meticulous work to share what he has learned about the nature of life, love, and the universe with others:

“I create in sincere pursuit of understanding so that the inexplicable and mysterious may be liberated.”

Eloh, quoted on his website at ELOHPROJECTS.COM.

His artwork, “MUSE”, features a six-eyed, six-armed and light-filled feminine deity representative of “the beloved deities of science, dance, and memory, upon whose mercy the wisdom of all thinkers depended” found in Greek mythology. The word “disrupt” is intertwined with glowing, red-tinted vines and shades of purple, blue, orange, and green against a dark machine-like background. Geometric patterns and symmetry are deeply-rooted throughout. 

When looking at “MUSE” for the first time, there is something familiar about it. The onlooker’s own perspective of corporeal reality is challenged. The more they look, the more intimate they become with the muse herself and the knowledge that her essence, her creative wellspring, is accessible within us all.

The animated work “Osiris”, is just as imagination-stretching. As seen on SuperRare, the ancient Egyptian god of life, death, and resurrection holds the symbolic gold and silver crook and flail. Within his gleaming body, his beating heart resides. The heart is surrounded by spinning light energy and, presumably, the Pharaohs of Egypt. The animation zooms in to his calm, smiling face, where it seems he is receiving an energetic download to his winged, yet serpentine pineal gland.

“You roll up into the horizon and set light over the darkness. You provide the air and flood the land like the sun at daybreak. Your crown reaches into the height of heaven and you are the companion of the stars, the guide of every god. You are kind in your command and helpful in your word, the favored one of both Great and small.”

The Book of the Dead, quoted alongside Eloh’s digital artwork, “Osiris”

After looking at these pieces inspired by ancient gods, one can only anticipate what the Gods of Hyperspace will be like. Thankfully, we have Eloh to introduce us to them. Join the Gods of Hyperspace launch in Somnium Space on Friday the 13th!

Oly is a musician, writer and explorer.

Find her work at olysounds.com and follow her everywhere @olysounds.

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