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Are You Ready To Unlock New Experiences?

Think of the classic sports collectible and trading cards: A little pack with small cards, each having a picture of a sports hero along with some stats. Remember the excitement when opening a new pack? Would it contain a rare card? After opening a new pack you stored the cards in an album with those small plastic pockets. They had to be kept in pristine condition. The excitement was real, but typically short lived. You had your albums with pretty cards to look at. But that was it basically.

Big Fan takes the classic concept to the digital realm and combines the initial excitement with long term value, utility and new ways for fans to trade and connect on state-of-the-art platforms and in groundbreaking immersive environments.

“We want to reinvent the sports collectible experience with programable digital assets, connecting fans across generations with their teams and hero’s… We strive to produce the very best in terms of leading design, engaging statistics and immersive functionality. NFTs, or digital representations of physical things, are at the core of our technology enabling Big Fan digital collectibles. Once a Big Fan collectible exists in the digital world it opens up a whole new gateway of experiences for fans and the Big Fan platform where they can trade globally in a peer-to-peer environment.”

— Eugene O’Brien, Founder and CEO of Big Fan

Big Fan in Somnium Space

One of the fundamental pillars of Big Fan is its own platform where fans can connect, buy and trade their digital collectibles. But Big Fan wanted to give fans much more and has been exploring immersive environments where they can build revolutionary experiences for fans and their hero’s alike. This is where Somnium Space comes in.

Somnium Space is an open, persistent Virtual Reality world built on top of the blockchain. Its corner stones are second to none immersive quality and utility. It’s the ultimate destination in the Metaverse. Whether you are looking for having fun, socializing, playing games or doing business, Somnium is the place to be .”

As we speak, Big Fan is building a range of venues and experiences in Somnium. For instance, have a look at the Big Fan stadium below.

This venue and other venues will play a key role in unlocking a whole range of experiences for fans. From match day events, live streams, fan days, you name it. Clubs, hero’s and fans will have a totally new immersive platform that will provide an entirely new dimension to what it means to be a fan and engage with your fans.


A great plus of Somnium Space is its accessibility. For the most immersive experience you can use a headset and dive into this parallel reality. The experience is mind blowing and everything about Somnium tricks your brain in believing you are really there.

You can also join using the 2D client for a more classic experience. Note that VR and 2D mix perfectly. Those in VR can interact with those using the 2D client and vice versa. Anyone in 2D mode can fully interact with the world and the objects in it.

Finally, you can instantly jump to any of the 5000 parcels in Somnium Space via Somnium WEB by using a simple URL. A browser is all you need. The Big Fan stadium you see above is the Somnium WEB version.


Stay Tuned For a Big Announcement

This week will see Big Fan launch its Genesis Series of collections. After months of preparation this milestone will result in 1,000 collectibles released for a yet to be announced sports club, the first of a number of Clubs and Teams to go live on the Big Fan Collectibles platform. To ensure you don’t miss out on the launch join the Big Fan Discord Channel here and follow us on Twitter.

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