IncrediBuilds: Incredibly Beautiful and Functional Metaverse Architecture

Architecture is considered to be a form of art. It has been used by civilizations to express culture. The earliest writings on the matter date back to the 1st century AD, when Roman architect Vituvius described what characterizes a good building: Durability, utility and beauty. Many centuries later, in Somnium Space, the Metaverse, the architects of IncrediBuilds are applying those same principles to their NFT builds.

In case you were not yet aware, Metaverse architecture is a thing. Ever since Somnium Space launched back in early 2020 people have been constructing and uploading builds. There is something inherently satisfying to go from idea to building and ultimately walking around in your very own construction in VR. Walk around in Somnium Space for five minutes and you will know how diverse, interesting, funny and inventive the architectural landscape in Somnium has become.


Creating a build that is aesthetically beautiful, durable and functional, however, requires skills and artistic creativity not everyone possesses. This is where a brand-new company, born in Somnium Space, comes in: IncrediBuilds.

IncrediBuilds is a collaboration of Djembe Dragonfire and Denevraut, providing builds for all sized parcels, with meticulous attention to detail, professional quality textures and artistic architecture with custom created shaders. All the builds are built from scratch from the creative inspirations they both hold dear. They will be creating all types of builds, from homes to businesses, clubs and meeting spaces, galleries and more. All the builds will be adaptable by using builder pieces with lots of room both on design and credits. They plan to make one build each every 2-3 weeks, for all different types and sizes of parcels. They will all be one of a kind builds and NFT’s.

First Drop

IncrediBuilds has been working overtime to finalize their first two builds. They will be dropped on Saturday September 25th, 2021, 22:00 CET, during the Saturday Disco party which we will be hosted in the new builds for their debut. The parcel numbers are 476 and 615.

Skill, artistry, expertise

If you can’t wait and want to have a taste of the mastery behind IncrediBuilds, there are some constructions you should definitely pay a visit: Djembe Dragonfire’s Genesis VR Tron Disco Club on parcel 592 and the new Somnium Times TV Studio on parcel 1346 as well as Denevraut’s Shader Housse on parcel 4082 and his amazing Black Box Nightclub on parcel 461. These builds were not released under the IncrediBuilds brand, but are a great demonstration of how high they have raised the bar.

Welcome to the the future of Metaverse architecture. Welcome to IncrediBuilds.


To contact IncrediBuild, just reach out to either Djembe Dragonfire (Djembe Dragonfire#6904) or Denevraut (denevraut#5618) on Discord.

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