The Invasion of the Chametheons: Handcrafted Metaverse Avatars

The Invasion of the Chametheons: Handcrafted Metaverse Avatars

In Somnium Space, the Metaverse, we use avatars to express ourselves, socialize, play games, buy and sell. This may sound like a minor detail, but in a decentralized world – in which we will spend more and more time in virtual, augmented realms – interoperable, digital identities are becoming increasingly important. Provable identity and self-expression will no longer pertain to the physical world alone. And when it comes to avatars and digital identity, Planet VR, the creator of premium VR content, has raised the bar with a whole new line of amazing, hand-crafted avatars: Chametheons.

Chametheon’s are breathtakingly beautiful, elaborate and superb pieces of craftmanship. Each and every Chametheon seems to have a soul of its own. Showing up as a Chametheon will make you the envy of the entire Metaverse.

Chametheons are first and foremost metaverse avatars. Built from the ground up for virtual reality, each has its own personality with unique animated gestures and hand painted skin.

Being optimised for metaverse implementation a Chametheon is a mere 8,000 triangles with only one PBR material making it compatible with web based virtual worlds and even oculus quest enabled VR experiences. An FBX mesh, textures, materials, custom shaders and animations are all included in the unlockable download.

Free Implementation

Not everyone has the skills or time to upload an avatar to Somnium Space. But rest assured, Planet VR will make using your Chametheon avatar in Somnium Space very easy by providing a free implementation service. Once implemented you can use your Chametheon both in VR and 2D mode. This makes purchasing and using a Chametheon not only fun, but also a completely hassle-free experience.

Even if you do not yet have a Somnium Space account, but would like to join this VR world with your brand new Chametheon, Planet VR will handle everything for you, from account creation to preparing and uploading your Chametheon. All you need to do is login and walk around with your beautiful new avatar.

Hand Crafted

Chametheon’s are not generated by some algorithm. While they all share the same base mesh for interoperability and future accessories, each and every skin is painstakingly hand-painted, a process that takes days to complete.

It’s a unique approach that shows the mastery of Planet VR. If you purchase a Chametheon you are not obtaining some computer generated collectible. Instead you obtain a highly functional, beautiful work of art created by a master.

Apart from being a beautiful work of art, each Chametheon has its own appearance and personality, which is achieved by using unique materials, gestures and expressions.


Chametheon’s will be released in batches of 37 avatars. Each batch contains 8 designs in various color variants. Due to the high number of traits – over 400 – there will be a rich diversity. Apart from this, a rarity-strategy will ensure the concept of rarity. Not all design, trait and color combinations exist in equal quantities.

Note that each batch will also contain one Chametheon with special effect custom shaders and/or will be created in collaboration with an artist.


As mentioned, digital identity is becoming increasingly relevant in a multi-layered reality where we seamlessly jump between physical and virtual layers. Planet VR understands this development and therefore includes a high resolution, highly expressive, digital portrait of your unique Chametheon. You can use it anywhere across the web and Metaverse to show who you are in the digital realm.

Community Involvement

There will be many Chametheon’s to choose from. This is what Planet VR writes on their website.

The first phase of the project will be delivered progressively over 8-12 months and be shaped by the community. Themes, concepts and design details will be voted on and ideas are welcomed. Depending on iterative review cycles, a minimum of 88 to a maximum of 888 unique Chametheons will be released in total, after which our entire focus will be placed entirely on creating accessories / wearables to be sold and airdropped to the community of Chametheon holders.

It shows the long-term vision for Chametheon’s and how the community will be involved for themes and designs. And once the focus switches to accessories and wearables, there will be a million new ways to further personalize your Chametheon.

About ownership

All work on the Chametheon project is original with the intellectual property belonging to its creator Planet VR and any respective collaboration artists but you are given full ownership and commercial usage rights to use your Chametheon NFT how you wish. Only direct copying and reselling of any of the unlockable assets is prohibited.

September 22, 2021

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