Somnium Space: A Platform for Business

Somnium Space: A Platform for Business

The premise may sound simple: Provide open VR platform that allows people to be creative and do what they want to do, including running businesses. The reality of building an open, persistent, decentralized platform that delivers on that premise is a long, tough journey however, requiring vision, focus and staying the course. Somnium Space has definitely stayed the course and the best measure of that is the collective achievement of the creative community.

Something is brewing in Somnium Space. Although this is a bit of a misnomer for what we want to highlight in this article. If something is brewing, we mean that something is about to happen. This certainly holds true for Somnium as there is a relentless stream of new exciting features, community initiatives and more. However, in this article we want to have a look at some of the things that have already happened. Companies that have been founded, people who have turned ideas into to tangible products and services. By virtue of Somnium Space.

The following list is in random order and utterly non-exhaustive. The sole purpose is to showcase the diversity and creativity of the community. New initiatives and new companies are entering Somnium almost on a daily basis. And even though this list is not meant to be a directory, if you read this and think ‘wait, what about my business?’, do not hesitate to contact us on discord and let us know what great thing you are working on.


IncrediBuilds is a collaboration of Djembe Dragonfire and Denevraut, providing builds for all sized parcels, with meticulous attention to detail, professional quality textures and artistic architecture with custom created shaders. All the builds are built from scratch from the creative inspirations they both hold dear.

Hotz House

Hotz House, founded by Metaverse entrepreneur Blake Hotz, is the perfect entry point for anyone who needs help getting started with entering Somnium, NFT creation and monetizing their creations. What is special about Hotz House – apart from Blake’s expertise in this space and the unique services he offers to creators – is that it is deeply anchored in the community.

Oasis Meta Games (OMG)

Oasis Meta Games was founded my Artific, known from Art & Coffee (see below). It is a VR development studio focused on building worlds, avatars, wearables, organizing events and much more. All related to Somnium Space of course.


Artific is the man behind Art & Coffee, which focuses on exhibitions, interviews, podcasts and other events for artists around the globe. Artific is a strong believer that the emergence of the Metaverse and virtual worlds will create a lot of jobs and opportunities for all kinds of creative people. He is certainly setting the example!

Virtual Performing

The overriding goal of Virtual Performing is to provide a cutting edge virtual platform for performers and their audiences, to explore the use of the virtual, immersive dimension – the Metaverse – and revolutionize the way performers, audiences and students perform and connect. The pioneer behind VP is Djembe Dragonfire.

Planet VR

Planet VR is a UK based 3D model creator specializing in NFT architecture and avatars. Perhaps the biggest recognition of their know-how and expertise is the fact that Artur Sychov – founder and CEO of Somnium Space – often roams Somnium as one of Planet VR’s amazing avatars.

Somnium Times

Yes we’re on this list as well. The Somnium Times is an in-world news agency. Our coverage is entirely focused on all things Somnium and we offer various promotional services for anyone who wants to spread the message. Somnium Times also rewards writers for their contributions.


vrGuitars is a project launched by Glxy Labs & Oly that creates 1/1 guitar NFT’s with utility. Each NFT comes with unlockable content that includes files & instructional video to add the vrGuitar to your avatar and parcel. Glxy Labs in turn was created by Pax and his 2 colleagues, Viktor and Nebeel, who have worked together for the past 5 years on multiple projects in music, internet marketing and digital advertising.


V-RACΞ, a virtual reality crypto vehicle producing brand spawned out of the collaboration between TheRealCyberPunk88 and Natural Warp. V-Race cars are beautiful. They’re works of art. Each one of them is carefully crafted with a unique, eye-catching paint job that will have spectators turn their heads in unison when they’re accelerating through their field of vision.

Natural Warp

We are not going to list all the amazing artists that contribute to making Somnium such an amazing place. Natural Warp – Psychedelic / Visionary 2D/3D 360° AR/VR Crypto Artist – however, deserves a special mention. He was and is a pioneer who not only helpes drive Somnium forward, but he also helps numerous other artists enter this virtual wonderworld with his art initiatives, exhibitions, events, etc.

Chris Bell

As Somnium’s real estate mogul, Chris Bell is bound to have a solution for you, whether you are looking to buy or rent parcels in Somnium. He has managed to generate a thriving VR Metaverse real estate business, demonstrating that virtual land can earn you a real life earning.

Big Fan

Big Fan takes the classic sports collectible and trading cards game to the digital realm and combines the excitement of collecting cards with long term value, utility and new ways for fans to trade and connect on state-of-the-art platforms and in groundbreaking immersive environments. Big Fan has a range of venues in Somnium Space, which play a key role in unlocking a whole range of experiences for fans. From match day events, live streams, fan days, you name it.

As mentioned, this is not a business directory an therefore non-exhaustive. Many more people and companies are operating in Somnium.

However, the list does show how diverse the business landscape has become in Somnium Space. Whether you are looking for 3D assets, avatars, homes, various onboarding services, entertainment platforms, Somnium is bound to have people working in that field who can help you.

The list is a testimony of how far Somnium Space as a VR platform has come as well as how creative the community is. Think about it for a moment: This is only the beginning of the ride. Image where we stand in 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. And what about 5 year? No one can look into the future, but Somnium is definitely offering us a glimpse.

October 9, 2021

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