Full Release Event: Customizable Avatars on Demand by V-RACΞ

Full Release Event: Customizable Avatars on Demand by V-RACΞ

Wednesday November 10th at 22:00 CET, V-RACΞ will hold a full release event for their customizable Avatars, which were first partially revealed on October 22nd, 2021. This time around the focus will be on all 16 avatars, 5 wearables and 10 hand-gesture triggered VFX wearables from which owners of a V-RACΞ car (and those not owning a car) can mix and match to configure their own unique Avatar.

Pre-Order Window

V-RACΞ crypto vehicle owners will get the opportunity to configure their unique avatar during a 3-week pre-order window that will run from November 10th, 2021 until December 1st, 2021. The special pre-order window price will be ETH 1.5 for car owners. For non-car owners the pre-order window price will be ETH 1.75 (non-car owners can pre-order Avatars provided that the owner of the car that matches that specific Avatar doesn’t pre-order it). Avatars that are not pre-ordered will be configured at the discretion of V-RACΞ and sold for the market price of 2.5 ETH.

To pre-order, contact Natural Warp via DM on Twitter (https://twitter.com/Natural_Warp) or Discord (Natural Warp#5946).


The base avatars come with driver suits and helmets that match the paint jobs of the V-RACΞ crypto vehicles. If you own a V-RACΞ car, you qualify for the pre-order window. Find your matching Avatar and start configuring its unique configuration by combining driver suit wearables and driver suit wearable FX. Note that each Avatar has 3 configurable slots and that the precise configuration will be agreed together with the customer.

See also: https://www.naturalwarp.com/V-RACE-avatars.html

Driver Suit Wearables

The following driver suit wearables are available: Drone, Hoverboard, Jetpack, Katana and Rifle. See also: https://www.naturalwarp.com/V-RACE-wearables.html

Driver Suit Wearables FX

The following driver suit wearable FX are available: Beacon, “Flaky” Disintegration, Double Motion Trail, Fairy Dust, “Beam Me Up” Disintegration, Light, Motion Trail, Spotlight Finger, Spotlight Helmet and Cosmic Fire. See also: https://www.naturalwarp.com/V-RACE-wearable-FX.html

V-RACΞ Wearable and Wearable VFX Showroom

If you want to have a look at all available driver suit wearables and wearable VFX, then head over to parcel 1883 in Somnium Space. You can visit in VR, using the 2D client or via Somnium WEB using this URL: https://somniumspace.com/parcel/1883


The Full Release Event

The full program for the full release event on November 10th, 2021, is as follows:

21:00 CET: Support act with Djembe Dragonfire from Virtual Performing (website: http://www.virtualperforming.org)

22:00 CET: The full release event – on a ‘to be announced’ location – with V-RACE team members: Natural WarpTheRealCyberPunk88Artific and special guest Blake Hotz. Note that the event will be held in VR/2D client.

22:45 CET: Afterparty with DJ ImBlakeHotz.

V-RACΞ Showroom Network

V-RACΞ is increasing its footprint in Somnium Space by opening a network of showrooms close to Somnium Waypoint.

What is really cool about this network is that visitors of the showrooms can use the internal SomniumWEB Teleporter System for a seamless experience within the V-RACΞ Venue Network.

People shouldn’t be looking for links on external websites in order to visit the different V-RACE showrooms, these portals are available within immediate reach on each of their venues.
November 8, 2021

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