Somnium Space Creators Fund: Batch 3

Shark Tank meets VR: Back in June this year, Somnium Space started the Creators Fund to further support and foster the creators community. Users can pitch their projects during live events in VR in Somnium Space before a panel of judges for a chance to get their project funded with up to $1000 in Somnium Cubes per month (for a 3 month period). Since June we saw two successful sessions – with some truly exciting projects – and last week it was already time for the third batch of this popular Creators Fund. On the shores of Deep Oasis Lake, in VR, a total of seven slightly nervous entrepreneurs pitched their projects in front of the judges and the enthusiastic audience.


Judges, Entrepreneurs and Projects

A total of 16 applications were received by Somnium Space. Of those 16, 10 were eventually chosen of which 7 presented their project during the live pitch.

The panel of judges consisted of Oly, Chris Bell, Artific and Artur Sychov, founder and CEO of Somnium Space.


The variety of people and projects was inspiring. Below the list of projects that were presented. You can also replay the video that was published by Somnium Space (scroll to the end of this article).

Wintermutation / Cube Game

“Pay (Cubes) to play and win” project. Offer easy to understand minigames for users to play. Cubes will go to a price pool from where they will be distributed to winners.

Funded with: 1000$ per month in CUBEs.

Ozymandias (Ali) / WeMeta

Tools for digital land aggregation, analytics and management.

Funded with: 350$ per month in CUBEs.

sCessions / Sidetrackt: VR

Events, improvs, collaborations, community building, parties, interviews, games, challenges, contests and more.

Funded with: 750$ per month in CUBEs.


Expand “Wooferblast takes a hike”. Additional storytelling. Create and develop a history, mythology, folklore, etc.

Funded with: 500$ per month in CUBEs.

Root / Roots Club

Performing arts in Somnium Space. Work on Avatars, performances and performance spaces (Roots Club). Monetizing via tipping, dance classes.

Funded with: 1000$ per month in CUBEs.

UltraLord / Somnium Space Studios

A cyber spatial media company. Production of compelling, engaging machinima in Somnium Space.

Funded with: 750$ per month in CUBEs.


Tanja / Ultramono Art

Production of cybernetic arts and related events. Flower shop: Creation of gallery, club and concept store. Exhibitions, parties, etc.

Funded with: 1000$ per month in CUBEs.


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