The New Somnium Space 2D Client is LIVE
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The New Somnium Space 2D Client is LIVE

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Written by sCessions

A few days ago Somnium Space released a new 2D Client. It brings a lot of possibilities and capabilities for people using non-VR mode, such as tablet, map, changing avatars, emotes, pro camera mode and much more.

About the 2D Client

For those not familiar, you can access Somnium Space in three different ways. For the best immersive experience VR mode with a VR headset is recommended. You can also enter Somnium via the 2D Client, which allows for a more classic experience using your computer screen. Last, but not least, Somnium WEB allows access via the Web using any device as long as it has a browser.

For many people it may all begin with Somnium WEB. This is the easiest way to join events in Somnium after all. However, while extremely easy to use, you are limited to visiting parcels. By downloading the Somnium Space Launcher, which includes the 2D Client, you will go from visiting a single parcel to opening up a persistent virtual reality without limits. If you have a computer capable of handling the resolution, a mouse and a keyboard you are good to go.

The Somnium Space Launcher

With the 2D Client you can enjoy and play Somnium Space without a VR headset, much like a classic computer game. It is under the guise of 2D, but more a third person view controlled with the keyboard and mouse. You can then enjoy Somnium Space life with other 2D and VR players talking, exploring and participating in events.

To make usage of the 2D Client even more attractive to existing and new users alike, Somnium Space has now updated the software. Let’s have a look!

Welcome to the New 2D Update

Joining Somnium Space for the first time can be a little daunting; finding the information you need, downloading the Launcher, referencing the guide, registering a wallet, etc.

But luckily for those of us in 2D that dove in and did not sway, we now have the same functionality that was strictly only for VR users. We have battled the treacherous terrains with countless steps. We have turned to face another user with rigid ambidextrous controls. We have tried to capture perfect moments with our snippet tools, hoping one day to add bokeh in our photography. I know all this because I am a 2D user and that is how I started my quest. But Somnium family, the update to the 2D Client has finally come. And it is amazing.

Let’s dive in and look at what’s new, shall we?

What’s New

To delve into this new chapter let us start with the basics for experienced and new readers alike. When you touch down in 2D mode, a user-friendly UI (user interface) quick guide layout menu populates over your screen with tips on what has been added or moved. This will show all the shortcuts and tips to help guide you on your way: F1 will hide or display this helpful guide while in-game if at any point you need a reminder.

Opening up the 2D Client, you can show and hide the help screen with F1

Left-click makes selections and is used for in-world browsers, activate buttons, and menu & UI buttons. Right-click will rotate the camera at will but what is new is that it will rotate your avatar as well so it is always facing forward. The mouse scroll changes the camera zoom, scrolling up zooms in or closer, while scrolling down zooms out or further away.

The stamina bar display is now vertical and tucked neatly in the same corner. In the bottom right corner, there is a mic level to make sure you are not peaking or maxing out your audio. Like before the M-key is used to mute and unmute yourself. The H-key is now used to hide and toggle the overlay UI for unobstructed camera shots or to examine your surroundings with a cleaner screen view. In the upper left-hand corner are the VR mode and Photo Mode buttons (accessible on the user interface as well as the tablet.) Moving is similar: The W-key is still to move forward in the direction your avatar is facing, the S-key will move you backward opposite of the way you are facing.

There are two new ways to maneuver; The A-key and D-key will rotate your avatar and change the direction you are facing. The Q-key and E-key will rotate your avatar 360 to the left and right.

Emote symbols were born in web XR, but have been customized which translated perfectly in 2D.

Before this update, you had to choose your avatar in the Somnium Launcher. But with this update you can change your avatar directly in 2D mode because we now have the same awesome tablet as everyone in VR mode.

Now with the tablet in the top right corner, you can easily select different options. First off, the T-key allows you to toggle the tablet. Simply hovering over it with the mouse will expand the tablet and give you an array of choices. 

Items shown in the tablet are: browser, map, camera, map, friends, chat, calendar, and settings; New player name tags and the player alpha menu is now active when meeting new users or old acquaintances. The alpha menu is used to manage connections and opens when you can click another player to control: befriend, block, chat, mute, or adjust the volume of other members. (achievements, badges, precise volume control, and more following soon after this update). Settings for better performance optimization have been added such as resolution, distance graphics. Under the tablet, there is a home and back button to easily get back to the starting point.

The tablet in the 2D Client

The map function will display the whole world map and now has a search feature. When searching for friends or parcels inputting a parcel number will pull up a decreasing distance arrow to aim you in the right direction to find your destination. Other players are noticeable on the map along with all teleporter locations. Similar to the teleport there is still a zoom and direction legend. 

Finding directions using the Map

We asked Somnium Space for a pro camera and guess what, we got it (the Somnium team is really listening to the community). Camera filter defaults are what dreams are made of; pretty, colorful, bloom, sepia, dark and inverted. Focus-near, focus-far mode allows you to capture the depth of view, while Free-Camera mode can be used for positioning anywhere within the boundaries – like a drone – for any professional shots you otherwise can not access. For selfies and solo photoshoots they have even included a timer. For making a video there are also a filmic, old-film, SAD, and apocalyptic effects at our disposal.

Photo mode controls

The new update was asked for by the community and Somnium Space delivered.  

For those who have the privilege to have a Tesla suit the “ON” switch is now available for activation with precision parameter settings. I feel this is more than anyone could have asked for, you feel me? Well with this suit you will! 

The launcher update will make it more stable and smoother for load-up time, vehicle, physics resolution, and dynamics and processing while still delivering a smooth ride without missing a beat. The community is ecstatic about this new chapter, and when I say community I mean all of my fellow 2D users.


sCessions is a Somnium Space based freestyle rapper
Host of Somnium Space VR SYPHER in @vrbassment / SIRVM

November 22, 2021

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