Somnium Space: Large Metaverse Events At Your Fingertips
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Somnium Space: Large Metaverse Events At Your Fingertips

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Written by Marc Demar

From NFT drops to disco nights, festivals and business meetups, Somnium Space is the go-to place for Metaverse events. It’s no surprise really, as Somnium Space has proven to be a versatile and feature-rich platform, both when it comes to access – literally everyone can join with or without VR headset – and the toolbox users have at their disposal.

A few days ago this toolbox got even bigger: Somnium Space announced VIP event mode in their WebXR (SomniumWEB) client.

In short, this feature will allow huge audiences to attend your WebXR event. Concerts, conferences, performances, you name it; hundreds, even thousands of people can attend.

The premise may sound simple – allow for large scale events – but maintaining a smooth experience for everyone isn’t a walk in the park. Somnium Space has solved this in an ingenious way however: VIPs.

By assigning a user on your parcel the VIP role two things happen:

  • The event will be broken up into overflow instances of max 60 users each
  • The VIP will be seen and heard across all instances

In other words, it is the perfect solution for everyone who wants to host large events: CEOs can speak to their employees, performers can perform for large audiences. Across geographical boundaries of course, that speaks for itself.

How to get started

If you are new to Somnium Space you may need a little guidance on how to get started. The very first thing to do is join Somnium Space on Discord and reach out the the community. There are always members who are willing to help you with whatever questions you may have.

To give a little more context, Somnium Space’s WebXR (SomniumWEB) client is only one of the three possible modes for jumping into Somnium Space. While Somnium is a VR first platform and using a VR headset is recommended, you can also join in 2D mode using your PC.

By far the quickest and easiest way to join is using the WebXR (SomniumWEB) client, which allows people to jump to any parcel in Somnium using a simple link. It is this WebXR client that now supports large audiences.

You’re CEO of a large business: Why would you organize a Zoom event if you can gather your great people in Somnium Space and truly interact with them? Or maybe you are a performer and looking for an innovative way to connect with your fans, an artist who wants to setup a LIVE AMA, you name it.

We’ll stop here. You get the picture.

Somnium Space’s WebXR client has come of age; ready to replace all those boring video conferencing tools if you ask us.

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Marc Demar

A @somniumspace native, editor of the @somniumtimes,
believer in the future of decentralized, persistent, immersive VR, traveler, trader, writer.

March 3, 2022

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