AthenaVerse: Shaping The Future Of Education
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AthenaVerse: Shaping The Future Of Education

Immersive VR Learning Experiences from the first British Online School inside of Somnium Space.

Sophia is a UK based EdTech pioneer, bringing on-demand private tuition and online education options to clients both in the UK and from around the world. And they’re taking the Metaverse seriously; not just entering and observing, but shaping the future of education inside of it under the flag of their AthenaVerse project.

Imagine connecting students worldwide in the open and persistent VR world of Somnium Space, allowing them to communicate and create, engaging them in ways that weren’t possible before. Chances are they will learn without even realizing it. Isn’t that the Holy Grail of Education right there?

Using perceived 3D physical space as the canvas for learning experiences as such isn’t new. Many stand-alone experiences exist. A quick look at the Oculus app store reveals that there is a host of educational applications related to science, history, geography and more.

The revolutionary element in the AthenaVerse project, however, is that it ascends stand-alone, dedicated apps, and aims to offer open and persistent virtual learning environments and tools – classrooms and labs – where immersive learning experiences, communication, creation and collaboration all go hand in hand. It’s an innovation that will propel education into the future and teach children how to effectively navigate and learn in the Metaverse, providing them with much needed digital skills, empowering the next generation of leaders.

The beauty of Somnium Space is that it quickly tricks your brain into believing you are really there. Apply this to children entering Athena Labs Metaverse School. Can you see them running around, learning Math through wonderful visualizations, or mixing (virtual) substances in a totally safe environment and watch the magic that happens? Kids love chemistry. Kids will love it even more if you give them the tools to explore chemistry in ways that were never possible before.

That’s what AthenaVerse is all about; building a foundation for the future of education.

Oasis Meta Games

AthenaVerse is using the OMG Engine, developed by Oasis Meta Games and the first layer 2 solution for Somnium Space Metaverse. Using this engine, AthenaVerse has the freedom to shape their own ‘pocket universe’ and create amazing immersive experiences for their Metaverse School.

Create and share art right inside the AthenaVerse experience in Somnium Space.

You can access AthenaVerse and other pocket universes via OMG headquarters in Somnium Space. There is easy access to this Somnium WORLD from the central plaza.

May 24, 2022

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