Somnium Times Sci-fi Character Contest!
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Somnium Times Sci-fi Character Contest!

Seasearcher walked along the beach, gazing beyond the sparkling sand and the blue, foaming waves to the horizon…

You can explore The SeaShells NFT World, by Seasearcher, at parcel #2523 in Somnium Space VR client.

Seasearcher was on the hunt. His feet were achy from travelling, but stopping his mission wasn’t any option. Famine had overtaken his village and those around it. They had rationed their food stores amongst the villagers, but the supply was running dangerously low, and there wasn’t much time left before they’d all starve. Everyone was weak from hunger. Worse than that was the threat of outsiders looking to loot their remaining stores. He had taken it upon himself to journey far away in search of food where he discovered something astonishing – a giant egg.

Somewhere out there, maybe just around the corner, was the creature responsible for laying it. He decided he would find it, capture it, and deliver it to his village where it could produce such eggs and keep his people alive. How he’d capture such a magnificent creature on his own was a mystery to him. As he walked, he visualized giant traps he could build. Maybe he’d find some rope and lasso it. Would it be friendly, or threatening? Was it a massive lizard – or a snake? Was it some sort of mutated chicken?

Every Somnium Space NFT World is unique and full of surprises.

He heard a loud explosion. In the distance, swimming along the surface of the water, a humpback whale was shooting a powerful geyser into the sky, waking him from his imaginings. His jaw dropped. This whale must’ve been a thousand times the size of a regular one. He stared in awe…

A torrential downpour fell from the sky. Somehow, though the whale was miles away, the water had reached him, hitting him with the force of a waterfall. The waves were rising too. His feet were swept from under his body, pulling him underwater. Like a spider in a water spout, he flailed around, entirely submerged, trying to find the ground again. Saltwater filled his throat and nostrils.

Seasearcher shut his eyes tightly as the rising tide pulled him in every direction. He fought with all his might, trying to swim to the surface. Could he hold his breath just a little longer and reach it? Which way was up? His arms and legs couldn’t tread much longer…

Suddenly, he felt something tug his shirt forcefully. Within seconds, he was above the crashing waves, gulping in fresh air and coughing the seawater out of his lungs. Then, he was higher in the air, and he could see the entire beach below him. Then, he was even higher and flying through the clouds. Was it possible?

The clouds parted and he was floating above a totally different landscape altogether. He could make out sand dunes. They got closer, and closer, and then whatever was holding him by his shirt let go. He fell through the air and landed softly on top of a powdery dune, collapsing onto his back in the sand.

He heard a *squawk* sound. Next to him, tilting its head and observing him, was a giant macaw.

“You saved me,” Seasearcher whispered hoarsely, still breathing heavily.

*Squawk*! The bird replied enthusiasticly.

Seasearcher lifted himself up to his feet unsteadily. His tired legs buckled from underneath him, but the macaw stretched out a giant, red wing, steadying him.

His eyed widened, “So, you’re the one responsible for the eggs.”

The bird nodded in response. Its large, black eyes glistened in the sunlight, studying him curiously.

Seasearcher told the mighty macaw all about his troubles and how his village could use its help. The macaw seemed to understand. Before long, they were back in the air, flying back towards Seasearcher’s village…

Do you have an idea for a sci-fi character? Is your character a protagonist? Antagonist? Are they human?Where are they from and what is their story? Let us know for a chance to have a science fiction short story series, set in Somnium Space VR, written for YOU! Join the Somnium Times Discord and send us your ideas in the short-fiction channel. The winning sci-fi character will be announced August 8th.

Oly is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer and gamer exploring Somnium Space VR. See what she’s up to at!

July 8, 2022

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