BREAKING: Somnium Space Founder Artur Sychov Launches Authencity
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BREAKING: Somnium Space Founder Artur Sychov Launches Authencity

Artur Sychov, founder and CEO of Somnium Space announced Authencity, a new Social Media Platform powered by the blockchain.

We cover news related to Somnium Space, the open, persistent, blockchain based VR world. A new Social Media Platform isn’t about VR, but as it is the brainchild of Artur Sychov, we are intrigued by what this new platform is about.

Authencity is a new social media paradigm utilizing web3 technologies and allowing a censor free environment while maintaining the ability to monetize your time and content directly with your fans – Artur Sychov, founder of Authencity

Signup for the Alpha at

Free Speech

According to Artur Sychov, free speech is and should be a fundamental right of every person. The ability to say what we think and freely debate each other is key to making progress in our society. And blockchain technology allows users to engrave their messages forever as if it was carved in stone. No one can censor it.


Mainstream Social Media reap most of the benefits of user’s time and content. They make billions on pooled activity while only a small percentage of that money is flowing to creators. They act as the middle man, and can change monetization rules overnight. This has left many creators -seeing their income swindle due to that – in despair.

Authencity has a direct monetization model where fans can support creators without interference. This is made possible thanks the the blockchain and Authencity’s own utility token called AUTH.

Authencity does not only offer one-way monetization, but also rewards fans who spent time on the platform and support their favorite profiles. They essentially obtain a share of every profile they support and will ride the wave of their success. They too will receive AUTH tokens.

This is a unique model, and totally fair according to Artur Sychov.

Both creators and fans should be rewarded for the time they spent online – Artur Sychov, founder Authencity

Launching August 22, Signup for the Alpha phase

Authencity will be launched on August 22, 2022, and first enter an Alpha phase. 500 accounts are available.

Signup for the Alpha at


Authencity platform:

Authencity on Twitter:

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Somnium Times on Twitter:

August 16, 2022

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