Somnium Space: Forging the Metaverse
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Somnium Space: Forging the Metaverse

It should come as no surprise to our regular readers: We are bullish on the future of the Metaverse. With this we’re pretty much going against the popular flow. A flow that has changed direction as quick as a wink. First the Metaverse was extremely hot, and then it was not. The interest of many has faded as quickly as it arose.

According to us, nothing has changed; the Metaverse is real and has a bright future. This outlook is mostly falling on deaf ears. Not as far as the Somnium Space community is concerned of course, but that goes without saying.

There is an undercurrent to the popular flow, one that never changed direction. Formed by innovative tech companies, platforms and engaged user communities, it finds it way through the landscape. Obstacles exist, and it twists and turns, cascades down over cold rocks, but it is determined and eventually it will arrive in green gentle valleys. Using the stream metaphor illustrates the inevitable, despite there being obstacles on the way. The Metaverse, and its mass adoption, is inevitable.

Key for adoption of any technology is that people understand the benefits and how to use it. This requires education, success stories and accessible products that are easy to use. No one denies that.

Even more, it requires pioneers, such as Somnium Space, to build those products. Companies and visionary people that never give up and just keep pushing. The undercurrent.

Somnium Space, from 20.02.20 until now

To illustrate how relentless and determined Somnium Space is, we’ve compiled a list with key moments and plotted this against a timeline. A very important disclaimer is that it does not even represent half of what has happened in the past 3 years. Before 20.02.20, there was an alpha and there was an Initial Land Offering for example. Most feature updates are not even on the list as it would render it unreadable. Also, none of the user generated experiences are on this timeline. For a more accurate estimate, look at the timeline and multiply it by 10.

So bear with us. Not all important updates and key moments are on the timeline. Nevertheless, it gives a an idea of how strongly Somnium Space is pushing and that they are truly forging the future of the Metaverse.

Somnium Space 3.0

We from the Somnium Times have been there from the very start. And trust us, the Somnium Space developments are accelerating. We’re seeing a form of compounding innovation, which was perhaps most clearly demonstrated by the introduction of the OMG Engine, a layer 2 solution for the Somnium platform, and subsequently Omega AI, a GPT powered AI bot in VR with whom you can have entire voice conversations.

And now we are waiting for the highly anticipated Somnium 3.0, 2023 update, which promises a whole range of truly mind blowing updates which will push Somnium Space ever higher.

Join Somnium Space and place yourself on the front row. Become part of the undercurrent that never stops and will find its way to what we know is inevitable: Mass adoption of the Metaverse.

March 11, 2023

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