Innovative and Immersive: How Somnium Space is Transforming Event Experiences
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Innovative and Immersive: How Somnium Space is Transforming Event Experiences

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Written by Anora

Ever heard of Monday Metal Madness? It’s a rocking Metaverse event that is organized by VR Venues at the Con X Club in Somnium Space. Just recently, in celebration of the visceral grit of total metaverse metal mayhem, the Somnium community gathered for a badass time as DJ Scrubby provided the stellar sets creating a momentous atmosphere.

These events are held every second Monday at the Con X Club located on parcel 2844. One can expect mosh pits, and head bangin’ good times as these events roll out. The Con X Club was envisioned by Crazy Nici, and The Real Cyber Punk (a supreme metaverse match up) to facilitate an environment for the rock and metal music scene. While Monday Metal Madness is the event created to watch it all materialize, “these events are for the people into hard and heavy music, to get that chance to head bang and kick start the week with good vibes,” says Crazy Nici. 

What Went Down at the Recent MMM’s Event? 

Music blaring and lights synchronizing as the crowd was wild on the dance floor as DJ Scrubby turned tables, running the show as the musical ring master! Nici recounts the event, “My favorite part of the event was when we all gathered in the middle of the club for a digital mosh pit! Nothing beats the first streaker of the metaverse…people who were there will remember!” Nici also comments that DJ Scrubby is an awesome real-life DJ as well who has an aptitude for “feeling and getting the sense of the crowd, he always delivers the music within that sweet spot!” 

Events Bring Communities Together

Events like the Monday Metal Madness or “MMM” are the perfect opportunities for people to meet and mingle, and communities to grow deeper connection. Throwing a party is a sure way to break the ice and see what everyone is all about, and with plenty of opportunities to party in Somnium the encounters are endless. Folks can congregate around the world from all walks of life to experience the amazing and surreal. Many people often find their first experiences in Somnium Space very welcoming as the locals are always looking to onboard those excited about technology and the future of decentralized environments. As lights flicker on the dance floor, and music blares the community can find commonalities and discuss whatever floats in the atmosphere. 

What Kind of Events Are in the Metaverse?  

The Somnium Space platform boasts a large array of music events and beyond within it’s borders. Those seeking enlightenment can zen out and set intentions under the full moon with guided meditations under the Somnium sky. You can also have a laugh or pour out poetry at various open mics on the platform, and interactive games within pocket worlds are all over the place, like Ultra Ball in Ultra Arena. Hit the dance floor at a Saturday Night Disco, join authentic business conferences, and discover real life musicians and artists highlighting their masterpieces on the platform or hosting shows at various parcels. Somnium is a the place where music lovers have a chance to access these artists on a real and personal level from anywhere in the world and just have a blast. The list goes on and the Somnium community is always busy thinking up fun meets up to get the party started. 

Where Can Someone Look Up Events? 

The best places for exploring events is on the Somnium Events website and on Somnium Space’s Discord. Both places list upcoming events. It is also a good idea to subscribe to Somnium Space’s Twitter account, so you will never miss an announcement by the platform.

On Discord you will also find a lot of event footage, which gives you a great impression of what goes on during the various meetups.

Staying informed via these avenues helps communities grow and make sure you never miss a beat.  

Somnium, Transforming Event Experiences

Just like that, Somnium is a platform to party, hold a business conference, have a discussion panel, zen meditation, book clubs, open mics and a plethora more. Somnium Space really shows its diversity and exceptional ability to facilitate whatever event you can conjure or wish to attend. Truly, whatever your scene, Somnium has covered it and will continue to expand what events it has to offer. The possibilities are endless, regardless whether you are hosting or attending.

Events in virtual reality are mind-bending, and attainable, accessible from all points of the earth, and all you need is wi-fi. Any time of the day jump in right where you are.

And Monday Metal Madness? Nici told us that it is just scratching the surface with plans to host full bands, conducting band contests, and even organizing a music festival.

Let’s rock!  


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March 12, 2023

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