Symphony of Light: Exploring the Neon Brilliance of SM Sith Lord’s Somnium Web World
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Symphony of Light: Exploring the Neon Brilliance of SM Sith Lord’s Somnium Web World

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Written by Anora

I dove into the latest of Somnium Web Worlds created by SM Sith Lord, in a breathtaking display of neons and geometric structures. It’s a stunning build of symmetry, meticulously designed and constructed. Yet another spectacular virtual environment within the confines of Somnium Space.

In an awesome two hour live stream the creator, SM Sith Lord, takes viewers from start to the finish. Somnium future builders and builders alike can tune into the streams to pick up the tips and tricks of the trade. Learning and viewing what it takes to create some eye dazzling and and jaw dropping builds in the Somnium Space metaverse!

Here’s what I saw when I visited the final build.

It’s a vibrant realm, a futuristic night club. When I entered I was transported into a mesmerizing world of dazzling aesthetics, and captivating views. Both inside its walls and on the outside, where I was met by a breathtaking view of a blue and grey sky with puffy clouds that danced as the background of this scene.

The newly designed space, a true wonder in virtual design, seamlessly blends vibrant blue and green neons. As your eye becomes captured by intriguing architectural views from all sides. This build, which looks to be a club, holds an array of wondrous features for the eye to draw to. Along with the excitement of what amazing events and gatherings could take place in the space.

As my feet stepped in each part of the build, I was completely in awe by how the illuminated light fixtures offered an ethereal vibe. A glow that emanated and livened up every point of the build. Furthermore, what’s an SM Sith Lord build without an amazing kaleidoscope floor. It was a visual treat that instantly caught my attention.

And as if lighting and design weren’t enough, a standout feature of this futuristic club is its multi-level layout. Up ramps, leading to more views and delight. An openness in the build also offers a sense of freedom and flow that l find as an extra bonus. It’s a club to be recommended for any upcoming Somnium meet up, as I could see people from all around congregating in so many points of the club.

The club’s attention to detail is truly impressive, especially when it comes to its geometric shapes and dazzling floors. Speaking of shapes, I found myself intrigued by one of the most unique parts of this build: The bubble wall. The carefully crafted architecture seamlessly incorporates something very eye catching, giving the space a whimsical and almost youthful feel. A reminder to take changes and just have fun!

A testament of expression and beauty, I found such joy peering into this build and looking at every point of intrigue. Viewing a space and build as a piece of art and imagination really makes you think, and appreciate the creativity. A round of applause for SM Sith Lord, as he delivered yet again, another wonderful world in Somnium.

See for yourself and visit this awesome space on parcel #2820

For more information on how to create your own web worlds, see Somnium Space Web WORLDs: A Closer Look.

Also, an amazing resource is the two times weekly live web world session by SM Sithlord. Follow the live streams on Somnium Space’s Twitter every Monday and Friday at 6pm CET.

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August 5, 2023

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