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BREAKING: BIGFAN is Coming to Somnium Space

Think of the classic sports collectible and trading cards: A little pack with small cards, each having a picture of a sports hero along with some stats. Remember the excitement when opening a new pack? Would it contain a rare card? After opening a new pack you stored the cards in an album with those […]

Somnium Space In Higher Gear: Road2TLO On OpenSea Shows Record Sales

The Somnium Space Road to Tertiary Land Offering – Road2TLO in short – finished last night after 4 weeks of action on OpenSea. It was a short, intense campaign that saw significant transactions and many assets changing hands. Road2TLO was unique in the sense that some truly groundbreaking and unique assets were on sale. Assets […]

Metaverse Concert: “Flooting Grooves”

Sponsored by the Cantaloupe Island DAO, the spectacular Sky City Concert Hall on parcel #476 in VR in Somnium Space will be the venue of an amazing live concert by Flooting Grooves. The concert will be held on July 25th, 2021, at 16:00 CET / 10:00 AM EDT. FLOOTING GROOVES is the solo project of Pearce […]

Grand Opening: Virtual Performing Arts District Concert Series in Somnium Space

Something big is brewing in Somnium Space. The brand new Sky City Concert Hall will frame the very first performance in what is dubbed the Virtual Performing Arts District (VPAD) concert series. Live performance by the well-know Anj. Anyone who has visited Djembe Dragonfire’s music venue in Somnium Space knows how immersive and utterly entertaining […]

Somnium Space “Live Forever Mode”: The Fountain of Youth?

My grandmother was an artist. She loved capturing the natural world in its best light. She loved to travel, and would often disappear on road trips where she’d take mental snapshots of the different landscapes, and then paint them to keep the memories alive forever.  She grew up in Cuba. She wanted to pursue art, […]

Somnium Space Road2TLO Recap: 57 Assets Sold for $457,000 USD

The first week of Somnium Space’s Tertiary Land Offering (TLO) is almost over, and there are three more weeks on the way! There were some nail-biting moments as bidders lined up for a precious piece of Somnium Space’s highly immersive metaverse world. Up for auction this week were land parcels, Somnium Worlds, avatars and a […]


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