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The New VR Gallery of SoKoRoN: Where Animals Meet Somnium

As we all know, Somnium Space is inhabited by a range of virtual animals, such as bears, birds, fish, deer, goats and rabbits. But there is one Somnium Space member who has a special affinity with animals in the real world. His name is Yonatan (aka SoKoRoN). He is a photographer since the young age […]

Crypto Artist Spotlight: the Visionary Works of Marco Rodriguez, aka VISIONES

The works of Marco Rodrigues, aka VISIONES, are all about intuitivity, spontaneity and mobility. They’re captivating art pieces created using a wide variety of applications on mobile devices and they radiate a mysterious, dynamic intensity that captivate and invite the viewer to go on an exploration. No two works are the same, they’re the results […]

Somnium Space: Philosophical Musings on Lonely Diver Mountain

Somnium Space is not just a place to socialize, do business, play and work. While all of the above is inherently connected to being a Somnium citizen, this VR world is something entirely different as well. It is also a place for perception. Not ‘just’ a virtual world in a digital sense, but a virtuality, […]

NEWS: Somnium Times launches Somnium Assets NFT browser with integrated map

Somnium Times has launched a new website: Somnium Assets. A service to quickly browse all NFT’s registered under Somnium Space contracts. It provides a similar browsing experience as OpenSea, the NFT marketplace, but with one convenient difference: The Somnium Assets NFT brower has an integrated Somnium Space map. The Somnium Assets NFT browser is a […]

Natural Warp: Paving the Road to 360° (NFT) ART

On March 6, 22:00 CET, Somnium Space and KnownOrigin will have a joint product launch: The first ever 360° NFT ecosystem, featuring 360° art pioneer Natural Warp. In this article we will let Natural Warp explain the road to this remarkable milestone. On harassing developers and Somnium Space Soon after I arrived in the crypto scene, somewhere […]

Somnium Space, NFT’s and the Dawn of a New Creative Explosion

Humans have always been creating objects for visual aesthetics. From the moment shells were used to make jewelry human creativity has been limitless, involving a range of media and often driven by discoveries and technological advances. Before continuing, here’s a tiny slice of art history. The oldest secure human art that has been found dates […]

FEWOCiOUS and a 4 x XL estate in Somnium Space

FEWOCiOUS,  the famous, 18 year old cryptoartist from Las Vegas, has obtained a 4xXL estate in North-East Somnium. This news has delighted the entire world of Somnium. FEWOCiOUS announcing land purchase in Somnium Space. Artur Sychov, founder and CEO of Somnium Space, was one of the first to respond to the news. OMG I am […]

Djembe (and guests): Musical Metaverse Pioneer

Djembe Dragonfire, a name that has people’s faces light up in Somnium Space. Virtually everyone (pun intended) knows his name. And for obvious reasons. Whenever there is something to celebrate in Somnium, which seems to be a constant, it is often left to Djembe’s artistic, musical talent to frame the event and turn it into […]

The Amazing Somnium WEB client

On February 21st I had the pleasure of joining the crypto artist panel talkshow, which had been organized by Natural Warp in his magnificent Art Lounge I on parcel 1697. It blew my mind. Why? First of all because of the artists and their magnificent artworks. Long gone are the days that I thought anyone […]


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