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Somnium Space released new 2D client

Somnium Space released a brand new 2D client. This is really good news for those who do not (yet) own a (supported) VR headset. It allows you to join in 2D mode and explore Somnium Space from a third person perspective with your very own avatar. It’s the next best thing after VR mode. You will no longer be a spectator, but become one with Somnium Space; you can interact with other people and objects and even change your viewpoint to make cool selfies.

The cherry on the cake is the spatial audio which mimics the way we hear sounds in real life. 

See also the tweet on Somnium Space’s Twitter channel.

You can download the launcher which contains the 2D client at and start exploring already today.

See you in Somnium! In VR or 2D!

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