A quick guide: Finding your way around Somnium Space

A quick guide: Finding your way around Somnium Space

Somnium Space is an open, social, persistent and blockchain based VR world that measures roughly 6 x 6 km (3.7 x 3.7 miles). We’ve spoken to many users and they are unanimous: It’s a mind blowing experience to immerse yourself in this place. It has amazing trails, mountains, animal life and an abundance of user created structures for everyone to explore.

In this article we will brush up on your navigation and map reading skills and have a look at some of Somnium Space’s fundamental elements and features.

Map and geographical features

Somnium consists of a large body of water, the Deep Oasis Lake, with four arms stretching north, north east, south west and south east. In the middle of the lake are four islands, all big enough for people to build on, although the smallest only has five available land parcels.

Somnium Space map with lake, mountains and extensive road system.

In the east and north west of Somnium are mountain ranges. Mount Proximat in the north west mountain range measures 339 meters and is the highest point in Somnium. Other mountains are the Lonely Diver Mountain (245 meters) in the east, Somnium Peak (275 meters), also in the east, and the ∞ (infinite) Pixels Peak (281 meters) in the north west.

The Lonely Diver mountain (left) and Somnium Peak (right), as seen from the largest island in the Deep Oasis Lake.
Mount Proximat in the distance (right) as seen from Somnium Peak in the east.

Somnium Waypoint

Somnium Waypoint is the central town and can be found approximately at the center of Somnium, right at the shores of the Deep Oasis Lake. This is the place where you arrive when you first enter Somnium and it has some interesting attractions, such as a planetarium, an arena/auditorium for live events, a bowling venue, Somnium Space’s head office in VR and a true landmark in the form of land that is suspended in mid air.

Somnium Waypoint with the iconic land that is hanging in the air.

Road system

The get around you can use the extensive network of roads that connect all four corners of Somnium. A total of four bridges make sure you can circle the big lake without major detours. While the roads are convenient and help you navigate, once you know Somnium a bit better you can always go straight to your destination. This includes passing right through Deep Oasis Lake (which is full of fish by the way).

Other ways of transport will be added, most notably teleportation (not from one random location to any other random location, but between a limited number of user owned teleporters).

Parcels and buildings

Somnium Space has 5000 parcels of land. They come in the sizes small (S), medium (M) and x-large (XL).

The three types of parcels in Somnium.

Around a quarter of all available parcels have already been sold, many during the initial land offering (ILO) in October 2019. A secondary land offering will most likely take place during the second half of 2020.

If you cannot wait, you can purchase parcels from Somnium Space users already today via the Somnium Space VR store on OpenSea. And because Somnium Space parcels are tokenized assets (ERC-721 tokens or NFT’s) and all transactions are registered on the blockchain, ownership will always be undisputed. This applies to all assets in Somnium Space, including those that are created by users.

Once you have one or more parcels, you can starting building using the easy to use Builder tool and create the most wonderful structures. Buildings you subsequently can inspect in VR mode.

If you do not own a VR headset however, you can still dive in in 2D mode and check out your creations and interact with other people and even objects.

2D mode is not like VR, but still pretty awesome!

Check out the latest video of our reporter Carlos, who created a new beach home for himself.

You can find more articles regarding architecture and builds here.

Somnium Space community

While Somnium Space created the VR platform, it’s the active community of users that creates much of the content. They are uploading new builds on a daily basis and make Somnium Space not only a beautiful VR world to visit, but also a thriving one.

See you soon in Somnium Space!

Useful links

Somnium Space is a creation from the company with the same name. Check www.somniumspace.com for more information.

Want to buy parcels or other assets? Head over to the Somnium Space VR store on OpenSea.

You can reach out to Somnium Space and the community on Discord.

March 11, 2020

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