Somnium Cubes now sold on OpenSea

Somnium Space announced today that Somnium Cubes, the in-world currency, can be purchased directly on OpenSea via their Somnium Space VR storefront.

This is another major step towards a thriving, flexible, in-game economy based on Cubes.

Somnium CUBES (CUBE) is Somnium Space’s in game currency based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20). CUBEs make a valuable addition to the blockchain based economy and makes transfers between players as easy as possible.

What is great is that you still can purchase Cubes for a discount (but hurry!). After the discount period, the price will double and subsequently, starting with May 2020, its price will increase by 25% each quarter until the end of March 2021. From then on the Somnium CUBE exchange rate will be purely market driven.

See also Somnium Space’s tweet.

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