OX Maze: You can get in. But can you get out?

Labyrinth building goes back more than 4500 years. Their fascinating patterns appear in rock paintings, on old vases and as decoration in palaces and churches. They are said to symbolize death and rebirth, a new beginning or transition to a new phase in life, a spiritual journey. While you wind your way through its symmetrical paths, new connections are created between the right- and left brain, which would lead to deep and meaningful insights.

Fast forward to Somnium Space…Ox builds the OX Maze in Somnium.

Whether he had spiritual journeys, deep and meaningful insights in mind is yet to be discovered by those who roam Somnium, but he baptized his construction ‘OX Maze’, a name that suggest he wants to confound and disorient those who dare to enter it. He wants people to get lost in it. To enter and never be seen again. We can only guess what goes on in the darkest depths of his mind. What is he up to?

The purpose of a maze is to disorient. It’s a puzzle, it reflects the choices we make in life, our experience. Also, the word Maze is believed to come from a Scandinavian word for a state of bewilderment or confusion.

Let’s have a look at the building and see whether we can get slightly closer to unraveling its secrets.

OX Maze

OX Maze is a big square build in the north of Somnium. Its exterior is covered in a labyrinth pattern. The letters O and X leave no doubt as to who created this mysterious structure. And if that isn’t enough to recognize it, the adjacent parcel has something that looks like a maze ball. A future maze perhaps?

Via channels we will not disclose we were so lucky to get hold of a few images that reveal some of the building’s interior arrangements. Study them. If you choose to enter OX Maze, do so at your own peril, but don’t come back (if we ever see you again) and say we didn’t warn you: We sense there’s an evil lurking in its dark corners and inner chambers.

Anyway, entering the maze seems pretty straight forward. We can see a few doors, one of them should allow you in. Whether it really is that easy remains to be seen. We also see several floors, ramps and walkways and at the very top a sky deck which without doubt will offer some pretty spectacular views of Somnium Space. Anyone who makes it to that floor, make a few shots, send them to us and we will definitely publish them in the Somnium Times.

We reached out to Ox in an attempt to get a few more hints about his Maze. All we got out of him were the following words:

You will need to take a leap of faith…what you see isn’t always what it seems. Those who make it to the exit, find the secret phrase and DM that phrase to me. The first 10 will receive a unique NFT…


For those of you who are brave (and foolish) enough to enter OX Maze, rest assured that all of Somnium is following you. And if you get lost, stuck and see no way out, think of what Muhammed Ali once said:

Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion

See you on the other side of the Maze.

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