OX Maze: The stakes have been raised. Win 1.0 ETH!

OX Maze: The stakes have been raised. Win 1.0 ETH!

Somnium Space member Ox, the creator of the mysterious OX Maze, is making serious business of tempting people to enter his cryptic structure.

This is the message he (@Ox) dropped on Discord in the #general-discussion channel:

I’m upping the ANTE – the first person to do a full OX MAZE video with accessing the sky-deck AND finding the secret code (you must blur it) and post to a major public platform, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, etc., without teleporting will receive 1.0 ETH and an NFT (if all 10 haven’t been claimed). The original video needs to be sent to me unedited, but the upload can be edited and you must DM me as soon as it’s uploaded. First correct one uploaded and DM’ed wins.

He further states:

There is money to be made even while the global economy is suffering and I’m willing to contribute to those that contribute to SS.

That’s to be applauded.

But let us re-iterate what we have said before: Enter OX Maze at your own peril. A number of people already entered last night. Not all have come out…

Good luck and may the best man or woman win!

March 27, 2020

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