Road to SLO keeps the pace: Wrap-up week 2, Inland Parcels

The second week of Somnium Space’s Road to Secondary Land Offering (or Road to SLO in short) has just been finished after 3 days of Dutch auction style selling of 25 inland M(edium) and XL(arge) parcels. This week followed last week’s highly successful kick-off.

The Road to SLO is 10 consecutive weeks of parcel auctioning by Somnium Space. After the Road to SLO the company will announce the date of the Secondary Land Offering (SLO), which is most likely happening during the second half of 2020. If you want to know more and perhaps grab a few Somnium parcels yourself, check out this article:

Inland Parcels

The second week focused on Medium and XLarge inland parcels (but all pretty close to the waterfront). Parcels offering views of the Deep Oasis Lake (as the lake in Somnium Space is called) are in high demand and have seen considerable increases in value in the past months.

Number of sold parcels

A total of 25 parcels were put on auction by Somnium Space and all 25 were sold before the end of the 3-day auction period. The first parcel that was sold was #1896, a Medium parcel just south of Somnium Waypoint.

The total amount spent landed on 70 ETH, which is 2.8 ETH on average per parcel. This is lower than the 4.4 ETH average of the first week, but that was expected for the slightly less exclusive inland parcels.

Price for each parcel

The following chart shows the price per parcel.

Average Price per parcel type/size

The following chart shows the average price per parcel size. XL parcels’ average (4.4 ETH) is a little more than twice the average amount for Medium parcels (2 ETH).

Total amount spent per week of SLO

The following chart shows the total amount spent per week in the 10 week Road to SLO.

The total amount that has been spent after 2 weeks of Road to SLO is 180 ETH.

Rank on OpenSea

Somnium Space climbed the ranks on OpenSea as far as total weekly transaction volume is concerned, which landed on an impressive 381 ETH. This means an overall 2nd place.

Didn’t get a parcel this time around? Do not despair, the third week of Road to SLO is just around the corner!

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