Submitting your events for the Somnium Times Event Calendar
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Submitting your events for the Somnium Times Event Calendar

Somnium Times has a great event calendar feature for everything that is happening in Somnium Space. You can find the calendar here.

To make it easier for people to have their events listed – and keep the calendar as up to date as possible – we’ve introduced a feature that enables online submission.

You can submit your events here.

To make sure there is a minimal delay from the moment you submit until your event is listed (we review submissions before they go live), please adhere to a few simple rules.

Title and Description

Enter a short title describing your event. E.g. ‘Gallery X Grand Opening’ or ‘Tour of the London Museums of History’.

Then, in the editor below the title, enter a more comprehensive description. You do not have to mention the place and time as there are dedicated fields for that (but feel free to provide location and time in the description as well if you feel this would be useful).

Date and Time

In the date and time section you can specify a start date/time and an end date/time. If you do not have a specific end date/time (e.g. it’s a meetup without any specific end time), you can leave it empty and check ‘Hide event end time’.

Very important: Specify your timezone for the times you entered. For instance, if your event times are Pacific Time Zone, enter PST in the field under ‘Hide event end time’. This will allow us to convert it to a standard timezone when reviewing and publishing. Do not worry, everyone will always see the event times in their own local time.

Events can be made repeating. E.g. if you have a meetup every week for the next month, you can use the settings below (event repeats weekly until the 30th of June 2020).

Event location

You can either pick a location or insert a new one. In the first field (Location Name) enter the location/name of your parcel (you can include the parcel ID if you want). For the second field (Event Location) enter ‘Somnium Space’.

Event Main Organizer

Similarly, you can select an existing organizer or create a new one.

Note To Reviewer

In the Note To Reviewer field you must enter information that allows Somnium Times to contact you. For instance, if you have a Discord user name, please enter it here. You may also share an email address, but for the sake of efficiency it is advised to join the Somnium Space community on Discord.

Note that if your submission does not contain any contact info in the ‘Note to Reviewer’ field we cannot accept your submission.

Featured Image

Select an image that will be featured on the event page. Note that max size is 1 MB.


Click the Submit button. Scroll back to the top of the submission page. If all went well, you will see the following confirmation.

What’s next?

Somnium Times will review the submission. If there are no further questions, the event will be published. Please allow 1 or 2 days before this happens (so please submit your event on time).

In case we have questions, we will contact you to get it resolved.

In case we deem the submission to be spam, we reserve the right not to publish the event. We will not contact you in that case. Decisions cannot be debated.

What if I want to include links to an external page?

Contact @marcdemar on Discord and we can add a ‘More Info’ link for your event.


If you have issues or special requests, contact @marcdemar on the Somnium Space Discord channel or use the contact form here on the site.

Useful links

Somnium Space community on Discord

Somnium Space

May 26, 2020

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