The Invasion of the Avatars

The Invasion of the Avatars

An alien invasion? Is Somnium Space being taken over and should we all run and hide? On the contrary, we’re witnessing something quite remarkable these days. Several new, cool Avatars are roaming the plains of Somnium.

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You may think why make such a big deal out of a few Avatars?

Apart from the fact they look totally awesome, several of these Avatars are NFT assets that were minted (tokenized) directly from Somnium’s PC client. It is clear that once tokenized they become tradeable just like any other asset. Great news for anyone who works with 3D modeling and character development. Mint your creations and give people the opportunity to purchase them via the Somnium Space VR marketplace on OpenSea.

But whether you are a hobbyist or professional, plan to tokenize and sell your creations or want to dress to impress, the process of creating an Avatar is straightforward, easy and great fun. Thanks to the Unity SDK provided by Somnium.


Let’s face it, it is important for people to express themselves. We all know how important looks are in the real world and in Somnium it isn’t any different. Now, this ability to express yourself is one of the corner stones of Somnium. We’ve seen people being extremely creative when it comes to building and creating experiences. With the arrival of (the feature) Avatars, the community has yet another dimension in which they can release their creativity. The few examples on this page are a great testimony of what that could lead to.

We can expect Somnium to keep adding ‘immersion and expression layers’ including, but not limited to clothing and wearables. And for those who have been following the recent announcements, Somnium Worlds promise to be a real game changer as this feature will allow the community to plug in entire custom developed Unity instances into Somnium (by placing portals to those instances on parcels).


There is something inherently cool about owning a unique Avatar that people can recognize you by. It’s part of your identity. Like the virtual home you have built for yourself is part of your identity. And the crypto art that you created or purchased.

Ultimately, this is what makes Somnium Space so unique in my view. Second to none immersion, expression, identity, ownership of your creations. And inherently connected: The ability to develop revolutionary new use cases and monetization models around them.

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November 24, 2020

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