Somnium Space Worlds: Forging the Future of the Metaverse

Immerse yourself in Somnium Space in Virtual Reality. Then effortlessly enter parallel virtual worlds, each offering unique, immersive experiences. Interact, socialize, play and do business. And seamlessly jump between worlds without ever leaving virtual space.

This sounds a lot like the Metaverse doesn’t it? That’s because it is.

Fasten your virtual seatbelts, ladies and gents, because soon Somnium Space will release Somnium Space Worlds, a brand new revolutionary feature that allows the community to plug in custom developed virtual layers and experiences to the already existing open, social and immersive VR platform Somnium Space. With this feature the company is forging a clear pathway to the future of the Metaverse.

Somnium Space Worlds, a closer look

Somnium Space Worlds are fully programmable and customizable instances that can be created by the community using the Somnium Unity SDK. They can be entered directly via portals that are linked to and placed on parcels or via teleportation hubs.

Depending on what parcel you own, you can create and deploy small, medium or xlarge worlds, the latter giving you 500 MB of storage for your instance.

Placing a Somnium Space World on your parcel is easy.

Users visiting your parcel can simply walk into the portal after which your world will start loading instantly. A few moments later they will find themselves immersed in a totally new layer of virtual space, developed and created by you.

The implications are clear: Somnium Space, a fully fledged, immersive and persistent VR space and platform in its own right, becomes an extensible platform. With this, the Metaverse has reached the next level of maturity.

The feature is to some extent similar to for example VRChat where players can create their own instanced worlds. However, one key difference is that the Hub (in VRChat a non-persistent environment with limited space, which you’ll be ushered into when first entering) is a fully fledged immersive and persistent virtual space: Somnium. Access to worlds has a spatial element as you need to reach the parcels that host them, which contributes to the immersive experience and the sense of connection to the virtual world around you. And for the record, you may never wish to leave the Somnium Space dimension as it is a complete world full of rich content and experiences.

But Somnium Space Worlds will facilitate the community to create and deploy so much richness and content parallel to the richness and content that already exists, that it is not hard to understand this feature will draw many new people to the platform.

Another significant difference with VRChat is that Somnium Space Worlds are tradeable blockchain tokens. Keep reading to learn more about that.

The (virtual) sky is the limit

Creating new worlds and experiences will be easy using the Somnium Unity SDK. They’re fully customizable and scriptable, can have unique looks and offer unique experiences, game mechanics, physics and monetization.

Want to build an arcade? No problem. A dystopian world inhabited by zombies? Go ahead. It is made easy with a range of out of the box tools for scripting, blockchain integration, monetization and much more.

Trade Somnium Space Worlds

Worlds are blockchain tokens

What is truly revolutionary is that Somnium Space Worlds are blockchain (NFT) tokens. Once you have purchased an ’empty’ world, you can build your own virtual experience and place it on your parcel like any other object. Users who will enter your parcel will automatically see a portal. They enter and voila! They’re fully immersed in your world.

But there’s another angle to that. Because Somnium Space Worlds are NFT tokens per definition, they can be traded like any other NFT asset via OpenSea, the NFT marketplace. So build unique immersive experiences using the Somnium Unity SDK, place them on your own parcel or put them on sale for other users to purchase and enjoy.

How do you get started?

Keep an eye on the Secondary Land Offering (starting November 1st, 2020). During the SLO Somnium Space will put ’empty’ worlds on sale on OpenSea.

So if you’re interested in enriching Somnium Space with your own, custom developed experiences, make sure to join the SLO and purchase a Somnium Space World blockchain token.

Somnium Space Worlds: Open-ended creativity

With Somnium Space Worlds, Somnium Space facilitates a form of open-ended creativity that without doubt will lead to an explosion in new, parallel, immersive experiences, social environments, games and monetization models.

One can only begin to imagine what the creative community will create and deploy and how they will help shape the future, the Metaverse. A future that is multi-layered, a reality of parallel virtual experiences.

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