BREAKING: Amazing $10.000 VR & Web Treasure Hunt!

In celebration of reaching 10,000 followers, Somnium Space announced a VR and WEB treasure hunt. Anyone can join, either via VR or via Somnium WEB. The hunt will run from May 1st until May 5th with prizes worth a total of $10,000.

On May 1st at 16:00 CET / 10 a.m. ET / 7 a.m. PT an official 2021 Somnium Space Treasure hunt will begin! This time we make it greater, more interactive and available for more people than ever before! 

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Details About The Treasure Hunt

  • The hunt starts on May 1st at 16:00 CET / 10 am ET / 7 am PT
  • VR & SomniumWEB users can participate
  • A total of 50 normal keys and 5 Master Keys are hidden
  • The total prize pool is $10.000
  • Each “normal” key has a prize of $100 worth of Somnium CUBEs
  • Each of the 5 Master Keys has a prize of $500 worth of Somnium CUBEs
  • If a hunter collects all 5 Master Keys in VR and places them together, makes a selfie, tweets it as per official rules and does it quicker than others — there is a GRAND PRIZE of 2500$ worth of Somnium CUBEs.
  • Master Keys are only available for PC client users (VR and 2D) and some of the Master Keys are only available/reachable for VR users. The hunt for the Master Keys starts on May 4th at 22:00 CET and ends when all keys are found.

The Key’s You Are Hunting For

This is an example of a Normal Key you will be searching for. Each key will have number 001–050.

The Rules

It promises to be an epic hunt. But before you join in the search, be sure you are familiar with the official rules. Here they are:

Official Rules

1. The Treasure Hunt starts on Saturday May 1st at 16:00 CET / 10 a.m. ET / 7 a.m. PT. A total of 50 Normal Keys will become available on random parcels inside PC 2D / VR & SomniumWEB client.

2. Find a key, make a picture of your Avatar next to that key and tweet the following message with your picture (1 key picture per 1 message): I have found this @SomniumSpace Treasure Key while participating in 2021 #TreasureHunt! #Metaverse #VR #SomniumSpace $CUBE #NFTs. Here is my MetaMask wallet address: <put your address here>.

3. Once you tweet this message go to Somnium Space official Discord:, and paste a link of your tweet to 🔑Treasure Hunt 2021 channel🔑This is an important step without which your entry will not be qualified.

4. First hunter who finds a key and tweets + posts on discord link to tweet with picture of that key wins it! We will be checking timestamps of Discord messages to identify the winner of each key! Please note that maximum of 10 normal keys per person are allowed to be claimed in a Normal Key hunt.

5. Master Keys hunt will start on May 4th at 22:00 CET. Artur Sychov will reveal them during daily meetup on the Main Town Square! Be sure to be there, because some clues might be dropped regarding their location during reveal.

The Master Keys

As mentioned, Master Keys will only be available for VR/2D users (using the Somnium Space PC client), with some of the Master Keys only available in VR.

To join in the hunt for Master Keys, make sure to join the daily meetup in the Main Town Square (in Somnium Waypoint). Artur sychov will drop clues about where they can be found.

The first hint is already available however…

Small yet bright it might be located high, hidden in the darkest corners or wildest forest, Master Keys wait to be discovered by the most ambitious and fearless hunters…

Artur Sychov

Remember these words!

Useful Links

Somnium Space website – this is where you can download the PC client in case you want to join the hunt for Master Keys. The hunt for Normal Keys doesn’t require the PC client as you can join via the SomniumWEB parcel URL’s.

Somnium Space Map – very handy in case you quickly want to jump to various parcels (pro tip)

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