Artvatars Live Gathering in Somnium Space

On Sunday April 25th at 22:00 CET there will be a live gathering for art collectors, artists and enthusiasts alike. The gathering will be hosted by Artur Sychov, founder and ceo of Somnium Space, MantaXR, founder of Artvatars and Natural Warp, visionary crypto artist and known for his numerous galleries and installations throughout Somnium Space.

About Artvatars

Artvatars are rare works of art created with the collaboration of over 60 of the world’s best crypto artists. It is set to revolutionize how collectors will buy and collect NFTs. What makes Artvatars so unique is that they are composed from the artwork of each artist, which is spliced into various components. An AI algorithm then randomly assigns the parts to generate the Artvatar and create a final unique NFT. It is a unique concept, which guarantees unique, rare works of art with great value.


Somnium WEB

To jump to the venue, located on parcel 2085, follow this link:

In case you want to visit parcel 2085 in VR, it is very easy to find and located just south of Somnium Waypoint. And in the unlikely event you get lost, just pull up the tablet in VR from where you can access a map and GPS feature

About Natural Warp

For those of you who haven’t come across his name, Natural Warp is a Psychedelic/Visionary 2D/3D 360° AR/VR Crypto Artist and well known for some of the most spectacular VR galleries to date in Somnium Space and the whole of the Metaverse. For direct WEB access to his most actively visited venues and to stay up to date on all upcoming events do visit:

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