The Ephemeral Zoo in Somnium Space

Something very exciting and different is invading Somnium Space on May 14, 2021.

Two French artists will occupy the Art & Coffee gallery (parcel #662) and present two collections of special NFTs inspired by Cryptozoology.

Cryptozoology is a pseudoscience and subculture that aims to prove the existence of entities from the folklore record, such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the chupacabra, or the Mokele-mbembe. Cryptozoologists refer to these entities as cryptids, a term coined by the subculture.

Source: Wikipedia

The two collections contain a total of 42 species of flying and four-legged cryptids, which will be the heart of the ephemeral exhibition. The artists worked with AI and machine learning, using NVidia’s Stylegan 2 ADA software to generate more than 3000 species.

These first two collections are the genesis of the interdisciplinary artists, who aspire to create a large Crypto zoo populated with imaginary species created with different technologies and attractions.

The exhibition, whose sound scape has been entrusted to imblakehotz, will take place on May 14 at 23:00 CEST / 5PM EDT / 2PM PDT, in both VR and 2D mode (PC client).

The location of the parcel is shown on the map below:

Parcel 662, just south of Somnium Waypoint

The 42 cryptids will be auctioned on the day of the exhibition on Opensea. Also, one of the cryptids is part of the announcement of the Grantees of The Sevens Foundation.

Sneak peak

For a sneak peak, head over to parcel 202 (Somnium WEB:, which is the showroom of the artists. This week you can temporarily discover some of the species that will be revealed during the exhibition on May 14.

By the way, if you see a frog walking around, it is the avatar of one of the artists!




Somnium Space

Somnium Space Website – here you can download the installer for the PC Client

Somnium Space Map

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