Viktor Savior: Turning impressions and emotions into art

Viktor Savior is one of the many talented artists who have entered Somnium Space in recent months. We caught up with him to learn more about the person behind the art, his techniques and inspiration.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started with creating art?

Hello. My name is Viktor, my real name. I am russian (which is why I use K and not C in my avatar’s name). In real life, I live in very small Ukrainian village. I entered the virtual world in January 2018. At first I was like everyone else, looked and explored everything around me. Until a strange incident happened where one player stubbornly mistook me for another person. This turned into some kind of scandal. After that incident I thought ‘what can I do to show everyone that I AM ME?’ I will have to do something that only I can do.

This is when I started drawing. At first these were portraits. I walked around, got acquainted with and talked to people, listened to their stories and their lives and gave everyone portraits. Then a friend of mine who owns a gallery suggested to paint more general themes like landscapes.

This also marked a new beginning in virtual life in Somnium Space, which I joined in 2020. In real life I have a basic art education in college. I worked as a designer in advertising for over 15 years and then started my own business and never thought that I would go back to drawing again. The virtual world has turned my life upside down and opened up new possibilities.

To tell the truth, I am better known as a virtual artist. In real life I have never had any exhibitions, no recognition, no titles, nothing. I am an ordinary person, like everyone else, and my life is the same as that of most of you, with joys and sorrows, and we can easily pass each other even if we were to meet on the same road. But in the virtual world everything is different. I am happy to be with you all and create an amazing new unique world, open to everyone, where all desires and dreams come true.

Tell us about your art, technique, creative process

My Art..I would describe it as colorful, bright, emotional, positive. But better to ask people what they see in it. I paint with inspiration, very quickly, based on impressions, with no any special idea – only a moment which impressed me much. When people asked me ‘what are you thinking about in this moment?’, my answer is typically ‘about nothing’. And this is true. Only impressions and emotion. Only colors and movements of my brush.

My technique is very simple; gouache and paper. This is all I can get easy here, where I live. I use normal brushes and a palette knife for different visual styles. My early art is more smooth and classic, my new art is more free, abstract and expressive. Also, I try to create digital art with a tablet but I do it very rarely.

Can you tell us about some of your specific pieces?

Every piece is the one and only unique version and captures a specific moment of life and mood, which I share with others. I can divide my art into a few series: Old collection, new collection, flower expression, mountains, water and abstract. I paint mostly nature, flowers, landscapes and mix it with abstractive forms.

40 of my real artworks will be on display in Valencia, Spain, in August this year. So if you will have a chance to be there, you’re very welcome to see it all in real life.

If we talk about specific pieces, I should mention a few which served as inspiration for people to create virtual fashion outfits. I also used a few of them to create an ‘art clothes collection’. As an example, have a look at my appearance in Somnium Space.

Viktor Savior’s Gallery in Somnium Space

To visit Viktor Savior’s gallery with Somnium WEB, follow this link:

Djembe Dragonfire, famous for his live music performances in Somnium Space, owns the parcel and helped Viktor Savior throughout the whole process and setting up this amazing gallery.

Finding the gallery in VR or 2D mode is easy. It’s located just north of Somnium Waypoint. And in case you get lost in VR, just pull up the tablet which has a GPS feature.

Viktor Savior on OpenSea

Viktor Savior on Social Media

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