Somnium Space Welcomes Ready Player Me Selfie-based Avatars to Web Client

Imagine, one day, you’re unexpectedly invited to an exclusive art gallery event. You arrive just in time for the pre-party. You walk into the spacious gallery and are greeted by smiling, laughing guests dancing on a sparkling oak dance floor. On the stage, a DJ is playing music with a wall of entrancing, psychedelic visuals playing behind them. All around you are displayed unique and alluring art pieces.

Art & Coffee hosting a live, immersive virtual meeting with Somnium Web Client, now featuring Ready Player Me avatars.

You grab a drink and walk around the room, taking it all in. When the music ends, introductions are made, and the artist himself begins sharing stories behind each art piece. One piece in particular catches your eye, and you purchase it on the spot as a gift for your loved one. You leave the event inspired, having made new friends, and with a one-of-a-kind painting in hand. Well, that day is here… With Somnium Web Client, you can access popular Somnium Space sites from any device with a web browser, and participate in a variety of unforgettable virtual events.

Thanks to the new partnership between Somnium Space and Ready Player Me avatars, you can do it all with a high-quality custom avatar that looks just like you!

Ready Player Me avatars are realistically scaled to their virtual environments. (NFT art shown: “Colored Tears” by Jerrylou)

“Ready Player Me is a cross-platform avatar creator that makes it easy for users to navigate between many virtual experiences while keeping their identity consistent. Ready Player Me offers free Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4 SDKs that developers can use to integrate the avatar creator directly into their 3D applications, like VR games or mobile AR apps.” cross-game avatar platform

Just visit to get started. You can create an account or log in as a guest. Choose the “Create an avatar using a selfie” option, then upload a photo to create your own personalized avatar, or continue without a photo to randomly generate an avatar. You can then choose from over 300 custom features from hairstyles and eye and skin color, to outfits, tattoos and accessories. New custom features are added weekly! In no time, your personalized avatar will be ready to jump into the metaverse and show off their dance moves along with other custom gestures like laughing, clapping, and more.

Classic and custom avatars in Somnium Web Client at artist Jerrylou‘s “Indiscriminated” collection showcase.

Your new avatar will allow your friends to recognize you nearly anywhere you go in the metaverse! Ready Player Me avatars are already used in over 170 apps and games.

See more of JerryLou’s collection here on OpenSea’s decentralized marketplace.

“We are very excited to partner with Wolf3D and bring native support for Ready Player Me avatars into our Somnium WEB client. This is another important step towards our ultimate goal of interoperability. Allowing users to express themselves across the Metaverse is one of the most important aspects of their digital existence. We are committed to this goal and happy to add another layer of self-customization alongside user-generated Somnium Blockchain (NFT) Avatars and Somnium Classical Avatars.”

Artur Sychov, Founder & CEO of Somnium Space

This is just a taste of what Somnium Space has to offer. You can also upload custom Ready Player Me avatars (as shown in this tutorial) into the Somnium Space PC client. From there, explore the open world, built on the Ethereum blockchain network, and experience a plethora of additional exciting events in VR (now featuring full body tracking) or in 2d. With the Somnium Builder SDK, users can build, create and upload just about anything to virtual land, where they can share, trade, and display digital assets as well as host their own events and activities within the growing community.

More Art & Coffee events (hosted by Artific).

Be sure to follow Somnium Space everywhere to stay up-to-date on new features and events, and follow Wolf3d to learn more about Ready Player Me avatars.

Oly is an interdisciplinary musician, writer, gamer and explorer.

Follow her on Twitter and watch out for her “Just Like This” VR music video, filmed in Somnium Space with her Ready Player Me avatar – out June 10th!

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