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I am a mom. I am not the artist at all in the way this word is usually understood. I am minting the art of my two little girls @2_sisters_NFT. Sofia is two years old, and Maya nine months. I didn’t use any social network for many years. Now I use Twitter every night. I watch incredible artworks from all over the world. I regularly visit Art & Coffee exhibitions in VR Somnium Space. I bought a few art pieces even I am not money rich. What? How the hell all this happened?

My name is Dagi but call me Lilib. It does make sense, right? 🙂

Our kids make art with help from a very young age because they love to do so. My husband Adam told me about NFTs in April. Wow! It sounds incredible. I want to experience this! And we have a dream to support psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in Psy On, the first psychedelic clinic in Europe. Let’s try! We live in a moment with the girls, so I just jumped in with Adam’s help first. Kids are going to continue in what they have been doing already.

After few days in the Twitter NFT jungle, I am not sure if I want to stay. Big thanks to @NFT_ish for the first retweet! Then I am coming across @arte_de_emilio! That moment I am mesmerized by Emilio’s paintings exhibited in Art & Coffee Metaverse Gallery in Somnium Space. I am walking around with my avatar, happy that this is possible. And wow! @NylaCollection Long Neckie artworks just hit me! So unique with own style. I am jumping into Nyla’s community straight away. I am talking to @ArtificCZ and feel very comfortable in the group. I meet @KidArtProjects and others. They all are so welcoming and supportive! It is a truly heartwarming space. I am a person who needs support and who wants to give support. That works great here!

I feel very meaningful about the NFT space, that we all can be very close to each other. Like there are no big gaps and boundaries. Little cute kids and already excellent PRO youths. Newbies in art and the world’s artists. Pure and rich. Ordinary and extraordinary. I love that connection, and it truly touches my heart. You can learn so smoothly here.

And that’s why Nyla’s idea about the #NFTChildrensDay is so brilliant in my opinion. It MAKES CONNECTIONS & RELATIONSHIPS. Kids are the same important as adults. They know how to express themselves in a moment. At the same time, they are our future. We want to teach them art matters. Some of them already are PRO artists, and some of them might be. Will you help them on their journey?

Check it out for yourself on Nyla’s website! Do you think kids can collaborate with you? I bet so! 

Support the kid’s art on 13th June on #NFTChildrensDay! Check out the video.

Being a mom is my priority. Even so I can be part of this lovely blockchain world and taking it to step by step in the kid’s mode. Love, learn, discover, wonder, have fun and make art with the youngest!

THANK YOU FOR THE COMMUNITY. I appreciate being here! 

June 11, 2021

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