Metaverse Concert: “Flooting Grooves”

Metaverse Concert: “Flooting Grooves”

Sponsored by the Cantaloupe Island DAO, the spectacular Sky City Concert Hall on parcel #476 in VR in Somnium Space will be the venue of an amazing live concert by Flooting Grooves. The concert will be held on July 25th, 2021, at 16:00 CET / 10:00 AM EDT.

FLOOTING GROOVES is the solo project of Pearce van der Merwe – a musician/producer who likes to combine flute and other instruments with cool electronic fx resulting in pleasant feelings and deeper states of consciousness. Born in Cape Town in 1975, he grew up in South Africa and Italy, surrounded by music. After having tried various instruments at a young age including violin, piano and french horn he finally settled on the silver flute, heavily influenced by an encounter with Jethro Tull. His early exposure ranged from classical to jazz, rock and related styles. Groups like Ozric Tentacles and Pink Floyd opened him up to Psychedelia and that’s where his journey began.


How To Join

For the ultimate experience, use a VR headset, immerse yourself in Somnium Space and head over to parcel 476. You can jump to a nearby teleportation hub or go for a nice walk from Somnium Waypoint. In that case, make sure to join a little bit ahead of time as the walk over to the parcel as it is about 3km south-east of Somnium Waypoint (city center). If you do not own a headset, you can also join in 2D mode (provided you have installed the Somnium Space Installer from the Somnium Space website).

The concert will also be streamed live to Art & Coffee parcel 662. All you need to do here is follow this link: After the concert, at 17:00 CET / 11:00 EDT there will be an after party at this parcel.

So make sure to join, either in the concert hall in VR or by using the 2D client or go to parcel 662 following the link above.

About Cantaloupe Island DAO and

Cantaloupe Island is a decentralized organization of artists and collectors that invests, educates, and empowers new and emerging Web3 artists.

The overriding goal of Virtual Performing is to provide a cutting edge virtual platform for performers and their audiences, to explore the use of the virtual, immersive dimension – the Metaverse – and revolutionize the way performers, audiences and students perform and connect.

July 24, 2021

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