Somnium Space In Higher Gear: Road2TLO On OpenSea Shows Record Sales

The Somnium Space Road to Tertiary Land Offering – Road2TLO in short – finished last night after 4 weeks of action on OpenSea. It was a short, intense campaign that saw significant transactions and many assets changing hands.

Road2TLO was unique in the sense that some truly groundbreaking and unique assets were on sale. Assets that push Somnium Space to even higher elevations when it comes to immersion and utility. For instance, in addition to land parcels, Somnium Worlds, Kayaks and Teslasuits were available.

Although some people already possessed a kayak, obtained via pre-launch funding campaigns, Somnium recently added real utility. You can now use your kayak and go rowing on Deep Oasis Lake. The experience is mind blowing, as can be seen in the Somnium Traveler video below.


Somnium dropped a bomb when they announced the partnership with Teslasuit, which you can read much more about in the article below. With a Teslasuit immersion in Somnium Space takes on a whole new dimension. For instance, with a suit like that you will be able to feel the rain and other people touching you.

Multiple Teslasuits were on sale during the Road2TLO.

The Numbers

A total of 200 assets were sold for close to 1,5 million USD. On average, this is more than 7,000 USD per asset. In the chart below, you see each week’s share in percentage of the total sales.

The Trend

How attractive Somnium Space is can be illustrated with just a few numbers:

CampaignDescriptionTotal SalesPrice per Asset
Road2SLO, first half 202010 weeks, 250 parcelsUSD 450,000USD 1,800
Secondary Land Offering (SLO), end 20207 weeks, 70 Worlds, 350 parcelsUSD 1,573,391USD 3,571
Road2TLO, summer 20214 weeks, 200 assets (Parcels, Worlds, Kayaks, Teslasuits)USD 1,472,866USD 7,364

Sure, different assets were on sale for each of the campaigns. But the trend is unmistakable. Somnium Space is a fully fledged, open, blockchain based VR platform that offers second to none immersion and unparalleled utility. More and more people are discovering that. And more and more people understand that owning assets in Somnium Space unlocks a whole new world of possibilities.

In-World Trading

It is important to state that the above numbers are for the auction events only. Somnium Space sees a whole different branch of activity, which is user generated content and transactions between users for content and/or services like renting parcels, creating builds, avatar modeling and much more.

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