Natural Warp, Somnium Space and KnownOrigin Present: 360° Multi Artist Collab Drop

Natural Warp, Somnium Space and KnownOrigin Present: 360° Multi Artist Collab Drop

Are You Ready To Be Blown Away?

Natural Warp, visionary crypto artist and well known for some of the most spectacular VR galleries to date in Somnium Space and the whole of the Metaverse, is involved in yet another drop of 360° NFT art on KnownOrigin

“On August 4, 2021, at 6pm UTC, during a live Somnium WEB event on parcel 3527 ( – together with Somnium Space and KnownOrigin – I will drop 7x 360° NFT collabs, which are the result of my collaboration with an equal number of extremely talented crypto artists.”

Natural Warp

7 x Collab = 7 x 360° NFT = 7 x Am

Click on the green headers below to interactively navigate inside the 360° artworks.

The series consists of seven 1/1 edition NFT art spheres created in collaboration with some of the best crypto artists out there: RedideoJames FoxMadolf Duntitled xyzLovevisualsElgecko and Christopher Dowding.

7 spherical artworks have been tokenized in a slightly compressed 8K resolution for optimal web performance and the 24K original sized files can be downloaded by the collectors in the unlockable section of the NFTs at the Knownorigin platform.

The full collection at Knownorigin can be found here. For the VR installation in Somnium Space, look at the following section ‘The Venue’.

Infinite Depths

“Infinite Depths” is a 360° collab with Elgecko

The awe inspiring kaleidoscopic and fractal nature of existence incentivizes the observer as centerpiece in it’s search to the point of origin, the outer rim and the entire manifestation.

Port X-42, Robotics Junction

“Port X-42, Robotics Junction” is a 360° collab with Lovevisuals

A place in cyborg heaven / a node to relax in / a chamber connecting you with – and channeling energies from and into – hyperspace / a centerpoint to regain focus and reboot.

Calibration Pod

“Calibration Pod” is a 360° collab with Redideo

A technological marvel, designed to measure and notify, not adjust.
Insert personal settings, no metrological standards are implied.
All data is free to interpretation. Perception is key.

Solar Yields

“Solar Yields” is a 360° collab with UntitledXYZ

This device is build to harness solar energies beyond comprehension.

Any life form that enters this energetic pod will have its final state read and enhanced to the point of acceptance at the given moment.

Neon Wave

“Neon Wave” is a 360° collab with James Fox

The energy one can experience inside the matrix – in this case the empty space is surrounded by this radiant art bubble sphere to ‘mark’ the spot – is just one of the countless ways the universe has installed to show you it totally supports you in every way. The only thing for you to do is to take the first step and soak in the experience.


Hikurisophia is a 360° collab with Christopher Dowding

A humble tribute to the wisdom humanity has received through millennia of communication during internal visionary sacrament in communion with gods, spirit and the divine.

Endoskeletal Memories

“Endoskeletal Memories” is a 360° collab with MadolfD

Dark memories & underlying visions pointing towards the power and influence of the collective unconscious / perinatal matrices and transpersonal psychology.

On Natural Warp’s website you will find the complete backbone for the entire setup.

The Venue

Somnium Space parcel 3527.

To visit this 360°art WEBVR gallery / prepare for the give-away or join the event on wednesday August 4, 2021, at 6pm UTC (20.00 CEST). just head over to parcel 3527 ( Or simply login below and expand to full screen for the best experience.

NFT Giveaway Contest

Take a cool shot in SomniumWEB, follow, retweet, tag and win!

Related to the upcoming drop on the 4th of August, Natural Warp has launched an NFT giveaway contest on Twitter.

The winner of the giveaway will be announced on the 4th of August during the 7x 360° NFT collab drop event.

The giveaway can be viewed on OpenSea.

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For more information about the collab and the drop see also:

July 24, 2021

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