The Magic of vrGuitars

The Magic of vrGuitars

Music is magic. Music makes you dream. And in Somnium Space it’s dreaming within a dream. Jaw dropping musical performances by Oly in this virtual reality wonderworld have taken Somnium by storm. Equiped with her unique NFT guitar from vrGuitars, she is sweeping her audiences into sagas of wonder, love and hurt.

Talking about vrGuitars, you too can own one of these astonishing, wearable, unique guitars. They’re designed by Oly, beautifully crafted and come with exclusive unlockable content.

About vrGuitars

vrGuitars is a project launched by Glxy Labs & Oly that creates 1/1 guitar NFT’s with utility. Each NFT comes with unlockable content that includes files & instructional video to add the vrGuitar to your avatar and parcel. Each of the 10 vrGuitars is connected with an original song of Oly’s, including 2 unreleased songs. Each guitar also comes with an mp4 of the rotating guitar with a unique Oly song playing. There are 4 different body styles of vrGuitars, each originally designed by Oly in Procreate. 

Glxy Labs was created by Pax and his 2 colleagues, Viktor and Nebeel, who have worked together for the past 5 years on multiple projects in music, internet marketing and digital advertising. vrGuitars is Glxy Labs 1st NFT release. Denevraut and Cintiki, both Somnium Space community members and all around excellent human beings, also joined the team. Denevraut was essential in bringing the guitars from the other side of the monitor and into the Metaverse.

Oly has played guitar since she was 5 years old. She’s also been an artist since she was a child. She wanted to add a guitar to her avatar for playing live shows. She and Pax thought it would look really cool to have unique and eye catching guitars while she played live shows in Somnium Space. So Oly started designing her own guitars in Procreate. vr Guitars was born. The designs and animation ideas were then sent to Glxy Labs for design and completion. 

The 1st vrGuitars auctions

These historic art pieces have already been purchased by NFT collector legend crypto888crypto, Fluffy Bob of Visitors Of Imma Degen, and Somnium Space Founder & CEO Artur.

The final 4 auctions for the first ever vrGuitars collection ends on Monday August 30th, 2021, with 3 of the most unique and rare vrGuitars still remaining. Each has bids and we could see some battles as the clock winds down. 

Get your very own wearable, unique guitar from vrGuitars

Live Acoustic Guitar Show

Be sure to catch Oly’s live acoustic guitar show the Monday, August 30th, at 11am PST / 20:00 CET at parcel #461 in Somnium Space.

August 29, 2021

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