Intergalactic Battle of the Brains: ETH-MEN Team To Host First Ever Trivia Game Night in Somnium Space


ETH-MEN, who brings the age-old experience of collectible action figures to the Ethereum blockchain in the form of NFT’s, is organizing a trivia game night in Somnium Space on August 28, 8PM CEST. Max 42 contestants will battle against each other for eternal, intergalactic fame!


The Intergalactic Battle of the Brains is a trivia night game that will be held on parcel 2611 in Somnium Space. You can go to the parcel either in VR – in case you own a VR headset – or by using the PC Client (which you can download from the Somnium Space website). From Somnium Waypoint, the central town, head south and follow the coastline until you get to a bridge. After crossing it, turn left at the first opportunity. Follow the road and you will arrive at parcel 2611.


The event itself will be hosted on the parcel. More specifically, the MC will present the questions and answers on the parcel while the participants will write down their answers in a special Discord server.

A team member will monitor the answers and tally the scores every after question. The game will be composed of 50 questions divided into 5 different categories: Movies, Music, Geography, Sports, and Art. Questions may be in textual, visual and audio formats.

  • For text questions, the host will read them twice.
  • For visual questions, the photos will be shown on screen in the parcel.
  • For audio questions, the audio clips will be played in the parcel.

Teams will be given 10 seconds to come up with an answer. To answer, players must type “>answer” in their respective team channel. Only the most recent entry will be counted. Submissions sent out after the correct answer has been revealed will not be considered. Edited answer will also not be considered. An example like this would be: “What is the capital of Germany?” >Berlin

In case of any ties after tallying the scores, a sudden death question will be asked. The first team to send the correct answer wins. At the end of the game, the highest scoring team will be declared the BoB winners!


ETH-MEN are a variety of collectibles. However their primary goal is to deliver digital action figures and comics on the ethereum blockchain, running 100% on IPFS. These take you back to the nostalgic moments you experienced playing or gathering action figures and reading comics.

What is especially interesting about ETH-MEN is that when you purchase an action figure NFT, you can ‘unpack’ (burn) that same NFT on the ETH-MEN website which will result in the minting of a 3D (GLB) model of the figure along with the card-back cutout.

It is also possible to purchase comics (NFT’s) where each comic comes in 4 different editions: Sketch, Black and White, First Edition and Everyday Reading. Sketch is the most rare with only 65 copies being minted. Black and White has 90 copies, First Edition 125 copies and Everyday Reading 250 day copies. A funny detail is that the everyday reading copies come with a packaging that show a bit of wear and tear.





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