Metaverse Architecture: The New Somnium Times TV Studio

In-world news agency Somnium Times has a new HQ. It’s an amazing waterfront build by Djembe Dragonfire. Aesthetics, functionality and general ambiance are all in perfect harmony; it’s an all round architectural marvel that has jaws dropping in the entire Metaverse.

A key feature that stands out is the dual nature of the build. On the land side there are stacked square glass boxes, beautifully wrapped in concrete elements. On or above the water there are two stacked, round sections. You can enter the latter via a ramp from the main, land side, structure.

This dual nature of the structure is intriguing. It makes you want to enter the build, discover its purpose and what treasures may be hidden inside.

Talking about what’s inside, the dual nature of its exterior is replicated in the interior. Where the land bound structure consists mainly of large, open and configurable spaces perfect for larger gatherings, the structure above the water consists of studios with beautiful stages. This is where various shows will be hosted and recorded.

Where ever you are in the building, there are giant glass windows offering an amazing view of the beautiful Somnium land. There are plenty of balconies and other areas where one can chill after a day of hard work in the studio. One highlight is the area between the two stacked round sections. It’s an open air platform providing an almost 360 degree view of the surroundings.

The building, on parcel 1346, is in a prime location in the South East of Somnium, close to the Virtual Performing District with its famous Sky City Concert Hall.

Technical Details

The built was modeled in Blender, with textures and (Amplify) shaders applied in Unity. Cube maps were used to create the studio backgrounds. The build has a very low credit count of around 90 credits. On the parcel, the total credit consumption is around 240 mainly due to the 3 custom lights, which are embedded in the build. This saves credits as no additional lighting will need to be added in the Builder. Some more credits were used by placing 3 Builder chairs. The total consumption leaves 160 credits for additional elements.

Final Note

The new Somnium Times HQ has a physical realness to it. You can easily imagine a building like this being erected in some city. While no laws of physics put any constraints on building in Somnium Space, this build suggests gravity and other laws in fact do apply. This promotes a sense of familiarity, accessibility and ultimately immersion, more so than any law of physics defying fantasy build would.

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