Somnium Space: Get behind the wheel of a race car for the ultimate adrenaline rush

Thrillseekers can get the ultimate adrenaline rush in Somnium Space. Many users already know this. You can jump off mountains and buildings after all. However, for the true adrenaline addicts among us there is new exciting way: Racing on a racetrack.

A few weeks ago, Somnium Space saw an invasion of Somnium Space enabled Cryptomotors (Neon Roadster Somnium Space VR Edition) and VRACE race cars. Works of art on wheels. Not only pretty to look at, but sensational to drive in Somnium in VR. There is nothing like it in the entire Metaverse.

The Voyager X1 – Neon Wave by VRACE
The Neon Roadster by CryptoMotors 

The next step is a logical one. People racing each other. While there already have been spontaneous street races at Somnium Waypoint, Somnium Space is now constructing a dedicated race track. This track will be the scene of many future, epic car races where drivers will battle wheel to wheel and scrape the paint off each others race monsters.

Somnium released a few teaser images the other day of cars lined up on hot asphalt; a spectacular sight and one can easily imagine race day. The drivers all pumped up and getting into their cars, ecstatic spectators along the track, roaring engines and the smell of oil. Well maybe not the latter, but Somnium is so immersive, your brain might just infer it.

VRACE cars lined up for the photoshoot

Pushing boundaries

Somnium Space relentlessly keeps pushing the boundaries of their immersive VR world. Virtual Reality is the very fabric of Somnium Space (the company) and no effort is spared to make the VR experience deeper and deeper. This is not a 2D experience turned into VR. This is first and foremost a VR world. 2D and Web modes provide easy access to anyone from any device, which is important, but for the ultimate experience you need to dive into VR.

Simply put, there is nothing like Somnium Space. It’s a true VR world, a unique destination in the Metaverse.

Soon with cars burning rubber on a VR race track.

Somnium land is turned into racing asphalt
The track at sunset

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