Somnium WORLDS: Like “Inception”, but it’s not a dream

Immerse yourself in VR in Somnium Space. Then go further down the rabbit hole and effortlessly enter another virtual space, offering a unique, immersive experience. After a while, come back to the surface in Somnium and dive into the next experience. Welcome to Somnium WORLDS, a revolutionary new feature that allows the community to deploy custom developed virtual layers and experiences to the already existing open, social and immersive VR platform Somnium Space.

Artur Sychov, founder and CEO of Somnium Space, released a short video in which he is testing the upcoming Somnium WORLD’s beta release. At Somnium Waypoint’s central square he steps inside a test world, looking like one of the 360 degree bubbles. But it’s different as moments later he is in a forest in a totally different spatial environment.

Artur at the square in front of a Somnium WORLD
After stepping into the WORLD, Artur is in a totally different environment


There is something Inception-esque about Somnium WORLDS. While being immersed in one VR experience, you go a level deeper, only to return to the first-level immersion when you come up to the surface again. Finally, you may decide to resurface in physical reality.

But this has nothing to do with a disorienting dream within a dream. Rather, it’s virtual reality inside virtual reality. To be more precise, it’s multiple virtual reality’s, multiple immersive experiences and destinations, inside Somnium Space.

Somnium WORLDS is a groundbreaking feature. What is so utterly unique, apart from the fact that the community can custom develop and deploy experiences, is that WORLDS become an integrated part of the persistent world of Somnium. In a sense Somnium Space acts as a Hub, but it is nothing like the Hub in VRChat for example, where it is a non-persistent environment with limited space, which you’ll be ushered into when first entering.

Somnium is a fully fledged, persistent VR world in its own right and WORLDS – or rather the portals to WORLDS – will exist side by side with any other persistent object that is placed in Somnium. As a consequence, access to WORLDS has a spatial element as you need to reach the parcels that host them, which contributes to the immersive experience and the sense of connection to the virtual world around you. Maybe this is best illustrated with some fiction…

…the story goes that in the far East, beyond the murky waters of Deep Oasis Lake and beyond the treacherous mountains where so many good men lost their lives, a secret cave leads to a Kingdom with an enchanted palace…

Fiction aside, you’d have to travel to that parcel in the East and enter its portal to immerse yourself in this ‘kingdom’.


Somnium WORLDS are NFT’s. Think a moment about the implications: Not only can users develop custom immersive experiences and allow other users to enter those via Somnium Space, they are also fully owned, with an immutable record of ownership on the blockchain.

Somnium WORLDS are tradeable, like any other NFT. In other words, you can buy and sell immersive experiences. This is a fundamental characteristic of Somnium Space: You own your creations.

Depth and Richness

Somnium Space already offers an immersive depth and richness that is unparalleled. So many people have shaped the world via their creations and made it come to life by hosting and participating in a multitude of events. Now, with Somnium WORLDS, Somnium Space facilitates a form of open-ended creativity that without doubt will lead to yet another creative explosion.

One can only begin to imagine what the creative community will create and deploy and how they will help shape the future, help shape Somnium Space and the Metaverse. A future that is multi-layered, a reality of parallel virtual experiences.

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