BREAKING: Hologram Feature Live in SomniumWEB

Today Somnium Space announced the hologram feature for the SomniumWEB client. With this feature, anyone with a webcam and a green screen can project themselves right in the middle of a parcel and engage with visitors.

Olysounds was one of the first to give it a try and it is immediately clear why this feature is significant. It gives musicians, vloggers, entertainers the freedom to perform and express themselves and be fully present without sacrificing the other feature that makes SomniumWEB such a great platform: The ability to interact with others.

If you think this is just like Twitch or YouTube, think again. It is nothing like it. With SomniumWEB Hologram you project yourself inside a traversable space (a Somnium Space parcel) where everyone is present at the same time and everyone can interact with everyone else.

It only requires a webcam and optionally a green screen. By switching on the Hologram feature, the webcam stream will replace your avatar and appear to others on the parcel.

Now, any device or software that can produce webcam output can be used. This implies that it is possible to stream from software like OBS or XSplit and project that inside a parcel. Below you can see a few shots of where we use the XSplit webcam instead of the built-in physical webcam.

Streaming the SomniumWeb client into the SomniumWEB client and show it as a hologram
Instant presentations anywhere in SomniumWEB

It is clear that SomniumWEB Holograms is yet another great tool in the hands of the creative community. Its impact will be instant and widespread.

Can’t wait to attend performances and presentations all over Somnium. From anywhere. Using any device.

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