Design Your Identity: Customizable Avatars from V-RACΞ

Design Your Identity: Customizable Avatars from V-RACΞ

The tension had pushed people to the edge, but on October 22nd V-RACE, the crypto vehicle producing brand in Somnium Space, revealed what their next big project is about: Customizable avatars. And not just your run of the mill avatars. The V-RACE avatars are designed to match the Voyager X1 crypto vehicles that V-RACE released and sold earlier this year.

What is special about the new line of avatars is that they can be customized to the liking of the car owner before being tokenized.

Starting from October 22nd – during a 3 week window – you will be able to pre-order a V-RACE Avatar simply by sending a DM to Natural Warp in his discord (Natural Warp#5946) or on twitter.

Priority for V-RACΞ Voyager car owners

Obviously V-RACE will be giving priority to V-RACE Voyager car owners so they have 1st choice to make a reservation on their car-matching VR driver suit.

Customization Options

The avatars look extremely cool as is, with their body paint matching suits and helmets, but buyers can even further personalize the avatars.

The avatars have the following customizations slots:

  • Slot N°1, allowing you to pick from a range of wearables (like a katana / jetpack / hoverboard, etc.)
  • Slot N°2, allowing you to pick from a range of visual FX to be activated with a simple hand gesture (fire / disintegration / teleportation beam, etc.)
  • Slot N°3, depending on which wearable you choose you’ll be able to pick another FX for slot N°3 – since some wearables take up a double slot (like the jetpack)
Sample of some of the VFX

When the Avatar is tokenized with the customization fully activated it will appear on the SomniumSpace storefront in a ‘buy now’ state reserved for you only ( in case of a pre-order ).

The order flow

Pre-order > choose avatar + slot contents > V-RACE team prepares avatar > meet in world VR or 2D to show off > mint on Somnium Space storefront > private sale

When the 3 week window closes V-RACE will complete the rest of the non pre-ordered avatars by its own design and release them as-is in the Somnium Space storefront with an auction format.

  • Pre-order prices for V-RACE car owners will be set at 1.5 ETH
  • Pre-order prices for regular customers will be set at 1.75 ETH
  • Auction prices after the 3 week window will be set at 2.5 ETH

What’s more: For V-RACE owners of a matching car & avatar combo, the price for a matching 360° NFT will be 50% off!!!


VFX by Artific

V-RACE teamed up with Artific for the visual FX. Artific is especially known for his famous Art & Coffee concept and more recently his metaverse studio Oasis Meta Games.

He met Natural Warp back in February this year when he joined Somnium Space and started building his galleries. Before long Artific started to experiment with particle and shader techniques in Unity to create some cool VFX for VR. This led to founding Oasis Meta Games and put him in the searchlight of Natural Warp and TheRealCyberpunk88, who offered him a place in their team working on the new avatar collection.

About V-RACΞ

In case you are not familiar, V-RACE is a virtual reality crypto vehicle producing brand spawned out of the collaboration between TheRealCyberPunk88 and Natural Warp. They’re works of art and each one of them is carefully crafted with a unique, eye-catching paint job. What’s even better, V-RACE cars can be driven in VR in Somnium Space for an ultimate racing experience.

A little while ago they dropped their Voyager X1 series, which included a number of collab editions featuring crypto artists RedideoJames FoxMadolf Duntitled xyzLovevisuals and Chistopher Dowding.

These same artists were part of a 360° NFT multi-artist collab drop. You can read about it in Natural Warp, Somnium Space and KnownOrigin Present: 360° Multi Artist Collab Drop

If you want to know more about V-RACE, go here.

October 22, 2021

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