Meet Crazy Nici: Singer, Crazy (in a good way) and Addicted to Somnium Space
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Meet Crazy Nici: Singer, Crazy (in a good way) and Addicted to Somnium Space

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Written by Anora

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Everyone in this community is welcoming, loving, and just FUN to be around! Great feeling!

I had the chance to interview one of the most energetic and fantastical characters in the Somnium Space community. Thursday at 3:42pm was when I opened my laptop to check my email to find an awaited response from such a character. This was not just any email, this email contained a description of a place other’s can only dream of entering. A place with a community so fun they embody the meaning of the word. This email was far from the mundane billing confirmations, or unwanted ad reminders that such and such brand was offering 10% off their usual overpriced goods. No, this was much different. This was a meeting with a new friend. Alas! My inbox read in bold “Interview Answers” by CrazyNici from “Crazy Nici’s World Tour” – a Somnium Times Youtube original! I had so been looking forward to reading the responses about her experience in virtual reality! So without further ado, Somnium Time Readers, this is Crazy Nici.

Tell us about yourself

There is a reason that I call myself “CrazyNici,” always have! Always will be crazy, and proud of it. I tend to act and speak before I think, very impulsive. At 19, cough* 30 years old, raising a 3-year-old daughter with my epic husband TheRealCyberPunk88.

When did you discover Somnium Space?

I didn’t know much until my hubby told me he was going to do a collaboration with Natural Warp. Selling NFT cars in  Somnium Space Metaverse, it was then that V-RACE was born. The first time I myself jumped into Somnium was some time in July 2021, during an event that Olgelta prepared for us. It was such a blast! There I met Artur, Ultralord, Blake Hotz “HUZAAHHH,”and  Skygirl. After our meeting I found them all to be extremely welcoming, and just fun to be around!

What intrigues you about Somnium Space?

Everything! Especially the experience of having special moments with people from across the globe. You can choose who, and what you want to be, and there are no judgments whatsoever! Also everyone in virtual reality looks so sharp as their avatars! It’s not your run of the mill video chat call that people are used to either, it’s VR! Which intensifies the experience and I love it!

What do you love about being apart of VR community, particularly in Somnium?

You are automatically accepted for who you really are, no negativity. Feedback from in-world friends is constructive, useful, and helpful instead of negative criticism that you may find elsewhere. Everyone in this community is welcoming, loving, and just FUN to be around! Great feeling!

What do you hope for in Somnium, and where do you see yourself in its future?

I hope everything turns out as Somnium envisions it to become. I am 100% certain that this goal will be achieved! In the beginning of this journey, it was all about supporting my husband, but it is a lot more than that for me now. I have fallen deep into the rabbit hole, and want to keep falling – discovering where it will lead us! I see myself in a Ready Player One setting dancing and sweating until the sun rises and falls in Somnium.

What was your Somnium Connect ’21 experience like?

An unforgettable and mesmerizing experience! To have the chance to perform virtually, and physically in one place. Indeed one of the most exhilarating moments that I will never forget, and I am more than grateful to have been a part of it! Meeting Artur, part of the Somnium Space Team, Marc Demar, and the V-RACE team in person was amazing! That stellar afterparty was a perfect ending to an incredible event.

Any projects you are working on?

TRCP88 and I are looking to start a business, which is still in the honeymoon phase. VR venues is giving people the chance to jump into Somnium, and have their special day planned! Hosted by our lovely community members, such as ourselves. It can be any special event, weddings, bachelor parties, birthday parties. This project was just an idea and came to life once we had a few inspiring discussions with Ultralord, sCcessions and Blake Hotz. The next step for TRCP88 is a Rock club, introducing Metal to the Metaverse!

All of this sounds incredible! Big thank you to Crazy Nici for giving us that rundown of the Somnium Metaverse. We love her energetic, wide eyed approach to the platform, and especially love seeing her in-world! Now it’s time for me to wrap this thing up, until next times Somnium Natives…

Signing off,

Anora Norris


Somnium Times Social Media Manager, and singer/songwriter.
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February 18, 2022

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