The Evolving Prizm Club in Somnium Space Metaverse
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The Evolving Prizm Club in Somnium Space Metaverse

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Written by Anora

The Prizm Club, renowned for the many events it has hosted in Somnium Space, has a new face. Newly evolved and more than a fresh coat of paint, this venue has shifted from a night club build on a parcel to a “pocket world.” Now seeing a secondary era of it’s own the Prizm Club is pushing forward and shifting into something truly surreal. This venue has brought so much enjoyment to the Somnium Space platform and the community that it needs more than just a glance. Rather, a deeper dive to sink into the depths and learn exactly how the venue came to be. To know more about the place many know and celebrate in today. Instead of a peering through a window, why not walk through the door? After all, there’s nothing like full immersion and envelopment to get a stronger understanding of a point of interest. Let’s take a look at Prizm from the inception to the present day in Somnium.

It all began after the last characters of coding were solidified into the core of Somnium Space. People were finding new ways of investments, and finding that a decentralized way of monetization was possible. Especially after so many found their luck in crypto coin investments and seen return. Terms like “Web3,” and the “blockchain” were beginning to bubble out of the ground, emerging from obscurity into mainstream news. Sent off into the universe to peak the interests of those willing to seek new frontiers. Only this frontier would leave our physical reality, and sweep adventurers into a new reality. Into VR. Those curious to see this new advancement made their way to Somnium, the open, persistent VR platform built on the blockchain.

It was in that moment when the first Prizm Club emerged. Built by Cintiki, it was a venue made for Metaverse entertainment, constructed and ready to host an array of events. From dance parties, open mics, and even meditations. The purpose behind this build was to facilitate a location for community members to meet up, and not only enjoy vibin’ music from within the walls but to release all inhibitions and cut a rug. A place to freely speak, and share stories, thoughts on philosophy, and VR culture. To highlight every kind of self expression.

Pax and architect Cintiki on the roof of the first Prizm Club on parcel 1441.

As time had passed Somnium Space continued to evolve and shift. With the introduction of Somnium WORLDs, custom developed immersive experiences and ‘pocket worlds’ were emerging and becoming all the rage. Prizm Club was so inspired by the development of what Somnium users were able to attain as they ventured out into these mini universes. It was as though people were going deeper and deeper into the layers of Somnium Space. Somnium now had an extra dimension and felt less like a singular world. It was now a multi-level multi-dimensional experience.

Soon, an inspiring new vision for the Prizm Club was seen by Oly ( Prizm Remodeler, Metaverse Architect, DJ, and Singer Songwriter). It was Prizm reimagined, and soon the club underwent construction. The venue boasts a kind of freshness and newness, truly another step into the feeling of full immersion! The Prizm Club now has likeness to an actual prism, appropriately so. The club has shifted with a new era and one can only become awe struck by the new appearance. The venue echoes similarities to the Vegas nightlife and the dance clubs like Omnia. With inspiration from contemporary artists like Xsullo, Yayoi Kusama, Olafur Eliasson, whilst mixing cyberpunk colors and themes to orchestrate a psychedelic environment. Overall, the project took over a year to develop. As of recent, additions have been made as follows: interactive music, theatrical animations, and quests in one of Somnium’s NFT worlds, IWO, built by Denevraut.

Most of the world’s creation was by Oly, though major contributions were made by amazing artists like Denevraut, who also collaborated with Oly on vrGuitars ( Another admirable mention is, AndiRutz, who contributed their strengths to the build and also collaborated with the world creator, Oly, to make the Prizm Robot Avatars ( Lastly, the renovation of Prizm is greatly attributed to the investment from Somnium Space Creators Fund. An investment that has helped to propel the Prizm Club far into another atmosphere, and will most likely push this pocket world into even greater heights. With plans to extend the unique build to have multiple pockets, facilitating the unique, entertaining quests, game-exclusive music showcases, and periodic live community events. Another bonus is the possibility of an interactive drum circle, where players can trigger meditative crystal bowl sounds and drums around a bonfire. The circle will be in the center of a maze hiding NFT easter eggs! There’s so much to come from this Somnium World.

In recent events, the Prizm was the perfect spot for Somnium’s Saturday Night Disco. Friends got together for a cabaret with entertainment provided by the local Prizm Avatars and music by world creator Oly. The crew had a blast exploring the various levels of the venue as they propelled themselves from skies to ground. They even ascended to the top of Prizm Club where the community enjoyed a spectacular view of Incrediworlds! The event was a joyous occasion full of fun and celebration for the happiness that comes with residing in the Metaverse!

The newly revamped Prizm Club is truly a mesmerizing venue within Somnium Space. A world that has continued to evolve as a place to congregate, from it’s inception as a smaller club it has tremendously transformed into a world of it’s own. It is like walking on the sky and dancing in a dream, with vibrant hues of red and blues! A wonderland that has been making waves and a name for itself on the Somnium Space platform. A unique place to dive into, with Prizm Avatars dancing around and swinging from the heights. It very easily takes your breath away.


With new innovations, springs new locations. The club’s new home is located at parcel 4302 in IncrediWorlds! Although the club has undergone shifts and changes it will always remain a place for team building, collaboration, and friendship.


Somnium Times Social Media Manager, and singer/songwriter.
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February 15, 2023

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