Sister Act: Talented Duo Oly and Anora Release ‘New Light’ on Authencity, Gaining Immediate Support
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Sister Act: Talented Duo Oly and Anora Release ‘New Light’ on Authencity, Gaining Immediate Support

The Somnium Times is a powerhouse when it comes to Metaverse writing talent. But did you know that two of our writers are also immensely talented musicians?

Sisters, Lianna “Oly” Hauoli Sylvan and Rachel “Anora” Norris, have taken the music world by storm with their mesmerizing acoustic track, “New Light”. The song was written by Oly and recorded with her sister Anora in Hollywood, CA with producer Brad Smith of Blind Melon. What is special is that the audio video had its debut release on the new, decentralized social media platform Authencity, where it got immediate traction.

Authencity is unique in that all posts are minted as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and that users retain complete ownership of their content. The platform also allows direct monetization between users without any interference.

New Light attracted 18.200 AUTH tokens (Authencity’s utility token) in a matter of hours, the equivalent of over 1000 USD. An impressive feat, making the track rise to the top of the monetization charts on Authencity. To put things in perspective, on Spotify the song would have needed a minimum of 350.000 plays to cash in a similar amount.

Oly and Anora

Oly and Anora have been singing and writing songs together for as long as they can remember. Born into a large musical family, they were into music early on; they even appeared on the Oprah Show, performing a song they had written together. This event inspired them to continue music together as a duo in whatever capacity.

In the early inception of their duo they mostly would write songs together in their living room or childhood bedroom. Practicing and working on their craft. Of course, as time went on their passion for music continued to bloom and would take them on a wild ride. From creating YouTube videos in the beginning, to opening at small venues from Nashville to Florida, and even the great stage of America’s Got Talent in NYC. Then off to California where they had the great privilege of standing on stage with European Artist Dub FX, and Andy V. Their dreams really were coming alive. Even further into the future they’d continue to write songs together and collaborate despite distance across state lines and beyond!

In January 2020, their music ventures would take the sister duo even further as they took the leap to visit the Caribbean Islands and the beautiful island of Antigua and Barbuda to write even more music. It was then that Rachel’s aka ANORA’s first debut single was written “Love Me Easy” which Oly also wrote and collaborated on. ANORA looks back on that time as one of the most “magical experiences” of her life.

“It was a dream come true that Oly and I got to travel together again for music! We just sat on the living room floor at the house of the producer’s we were staying with and wrote like the old days. Truly a gift. Music, the island, going into the studio to record, it’s what dreams are made of!”

Fast forward to present day with much success in their solo careers they decided to release unreleased music of their own creation. Together again!

“Deciding to release “New Light,” on the blockchain was an immediate “yes” when Oly brought it up to me,” says ANORA “that song has always been special to us, and waiting for the right time to let it out in the world was exciting. And in our very own way by way of Authencity, it just feels special.”

New Light

“New Light” is a captivating track that showcases the sisters’ immense talent, and the duos first debut on the blockchain.

“Having our song on the blockchain is really the only way to fund the creation of it,” says Oly, “Streaming would’ve been nada even if we marketed it with a label. Plus the label would just own a large percentage and control us without guarantee of even releasing the music. We also wanted it exclusive for patrons who actually support us to benefit by the Authencity backing tokenomics. The blockchain puts power back into the hands of the artist and the fans like never before.”

The blockchain puts power back into the hands of the artist and the fans like never before.


The acoustic arrangement perfectly complements the hauntingly beautiful lyrics, which explore the idea of moving forward and finding hope in the midst of difficult times. The song’s poignant message is made even more powerful by the sisters’ emotional performance.

The sisters are thrilled with the response to their latest release and are already hard at work on their next project. They hope to continue creating music that speaks to people on a deep level and to inspire others to follow their dreams.

“Our heads are spinning with excitement about our music together. We have so many ideas that we want to exclusively share with the blockchain as a duo, it may be some time but this will not be the last time.” Says ANORA “there’s plenty more to share!”

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out “New Light” on Authencity and see for yourself why Oly and Anora are quickly becoming the talk of the platform. With their incredible talent and passion for music, the sky’s the limit for these two sisters.

“New Light”, Oly vs Anora:

April 19, 2023

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