Oly’s Secrets to Success: Balancing Multiple Creative Pursuits and Thriving in Somnium Space
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Oly’s Secrets to Success: Balancing Multiple Creative Pursuits and Thriving in Somnium Space

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Written by Anora

Somnium Space holds a treasure trove of some incredibly creative and innovative individuals. Across the platform you’d be amazed to make the acquaintance of some high-achievers, risk-takers, and world shakers. Both in physical reality, and simultaneously within the virtual reality realm. Sitting down with such individuals and unpacking their creative process, along with their wonderful accomplishments, is one of the many exciting aspects I find as a writer and interviewer.

Delving into the why’s and their “why not?” attitudes toward creativity and breaking boundaries is truly awe-inspiring and something to behold. The dawn of a new horizon is upon us and hearing the experiences of some of these people within Somnium Space really can set the stage for a different way of thinking. Giving a new understanding of technology as it evolves. The rapid growth of Somnium Space is igniting genius across the blockchain. A major contributor to it’s development is the Somnium community itself. A community shapes the space of any environment and can bring about something beautiful to the scene. Within the scene and scape of Somnium we find a valuable individual providing her own genius and beauty to the blockchain and virtual reality.

Recently, I sat down with Oly to catch up on what she’s been up to in Somnium since her last Somnium Times interview. An artist through and through Oly continues to captivate audiences globally through her contributions through music, meditation, NFT art, and so much more. A songwriter and creative to the core Oly has far excelled her own natural abilities to learn all she can about technology and the metaverse. Known for her revamp and event hosting at the Prizm Club, imagining and collaborating on VR guitars, Prizm Avatars, and even having a hand in xrMotors, this creator is a force within the metaverse. Oly has evolved with the platform offering her abilities across all types of genres. There’s not much she hasn’t tackled or given a try in Somnium, truly an achievement alone. From the beginning of her journey in Somnium to where she finds herself today, Oly has been truly incredible. So, without further ado, here’s some of what there is to know about Oly. A glimpse of this metaverse multi talented creator.

Video created and published by Somnium Space

Anora: It’s almost two years since Somnium Times’ last interview with you. So much has happened in the Metaverse, and you’re still here! What are some awesome changes that have happened in your life as it pertains to Somnium?

Oly: I’ve made many dear friends in Somnium and collaborated with so many artists. I have countless great memories of virtual experiences that only this community can really comprehend the fun and magic of. It gives us a special bond just living with the intention to push artistic boundaries while supporting each others unique dreams, VR concepts with more than real life applications! Words can’t really describe it.

Anora: What has been your most beautiful and career shifting project in the metaverse? Was it challenging? Tell us why.

Oly: xrMotors was a challenging and equally rewarding project. Designing vehicles- futuristic ones at that- is no joke. It took a large team of artists to transform what started as Procreate concept sketches I drew into the driveable NFT motor-vehicles in Somnium Space today. For over a year, I worked closely with my partner, Pax, designing the concepts and then optimizing the models for Unity game engine. Since, the brand has welcomed another business partner, Protocol Gemini, with plans to scale in VR and also further develop the existing AR aspect of the brand, hence the name “xrMotors”. In the end, driving our own vehicle designs in Somnium was a dream come true, but this is only the start.

Anora: Where do you see yourself in the metaverse in the future, and where do you hope to see Somnium as it grows?

Oly: I see Somnium establishing full virtual immersion soon. On top of that, they’re building Authencity, a blockchain based social media platform, strengthening the reach of crypto with minted messaging, media and social media posts. These two things will be game changers and some of the most advanced developments in remote communication since FaceTime. When you consider mass adoption of VR (inevitable when Apple is about to launch a headset), the increasing graphic realism and AI assistance, Somnium will be so much more than a VR game, but a way people can connect in-person without physical barriers. I’m seeing doctors treating patients across the world using haptic suits and feeling like they’re in the same room with them. My biggest hope for the future is everyone having easier health and medical access using tools like this and the medical progress it could inspire. To answer your first question, I still see myself just learning, making music, creating and dancing with friends like I am right now.

Anora: You’re constantly active within the community, creating worlds, making NFTs, performing in the metaverse. When you’re not running an event in the metaverse, what’s your favorite pastime?

Oly: I’m a recording artist, so the bulk of my time is spent songwriting and recording. I love writing in general, so I’m always journaling, writing scripts or starting (and never finishing) some work of fiction. I’m most proud of Alchemist, the graphic chapter novel I’m writing for Somnium Times. Besides that, I enjoy gardening and exploring outdoors as deep in the wilderness as I can get. Consciously honoring and keeping in touch with our roots is the only method to build the future conscientiously in my opinion. I dream of beekeeping and studying drinking water treatment- the basics to bare necessities.

Anora: Anything else you’d like to let our readers know?

Keep on rockin’ in the free world

Neil Young

Somnium Times Social Media Manager, and singer/songwriter.
Connect with her on https://www.instagram.com/thisisanora/ and https://twitter.com/thisisanora

April 12, 2023

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