Meet Furfuturo and the Amazing Taiba Lab
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Meet Furfuturo and the Amazing Taiba Lab

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Written by Anora

When you begin to think you’ve caught up on all that’s emerging within Somnium Space, think again. Our team at Somnium Times makes it our business to explore the captivating nuances unearthing on the platform. Today we find our attention gazing upon the brilliant world of Taiba Lab. Where curiosity and knowledge blend together to create a world in Somnium Space that educates and engages the Somnium Community in a fun way. Go on a journey in a land that tells a story. Solving puzzles, and more. It’s a learning “ecosystem immersed in lore.” Let’s dive in.

Anora: You’re brilliant, what are somethings you can tell us about yourself.

Furfuturo: I’m Ivan, AKA Furfuturo sociologist and Founder of Restoring the Future Foundation, a non-profit in Colombia. I started my whole Crypto journey back in 2017, just curiosity. I Discovered NFTs in late 2020, early 2021, and then Somnium Space while researching to present our first proposal to the Ministry of Culture. We finally got packed with VR gear in late 2021 and started joining regularly. I blew my mind and changed the vision for my business, decided to pivot towards 4th revolution technologies, and it has opened opportunities we never thought possible before.

Anora: Tell us about your Somnium World.

Furfuturo: Taiba Lab is a World intended to host a VR learning library where explorers can find a thrilling history of ancient cultures and their knowledge in disciplines such as math, sciences, and geometry, among others. It is the product of an exploration process that began in 2021. We started with a virtual gallery but decided to pivot. The NFT world opened endless possibilities to enhance learning experiences.

Anora: What inspired it?

Furfuturo: Taiba is the name that Pijao Colombian tribes gave to the moon goddess. Often parented with the owl knowledge, the mystery was a trait of her presence. We decided to merge ancient myths with sci-fi to create the story behind Taiba Lab.

Anora: What’s your favorite aspect of the experience?

Furfuturo: My favorite aspect is that it subtly teaches math, but you get the feeling that the puzzle is only a part of the story. There are platform challenges and other game mechanics usual in VR games. We want to build a learning ecosystem immersed in the lore.

Anora: What can we expect in the future?

Furfuturo: We are developing the second math minigame and enhancing the overall visuals of the world. We aim to present the demo games in an Ed-tech event in Mexico, seeking potential investors to fund a full coverage of the math curriculum.

The world links in many ways; challenges and mechanics work together. You can expect to immerse in more complex puzzles that help develop different math skills.

Anora: How can one access this world experience?

Furfuturo: Go to the ISG Metaverse Lobby, Parcel 2588. Once in the lobby, load the test world in the middle to access the experience.


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April 21, 2023

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